Case Studies & White Papers

Hilo Medical Center Improves SEP-1 Compliance by 34 Percent Using MEDITECH’s Expanse EHR

Case Study published on February 7, 2019

Learn how Hilo Medical Center significantly improved SEP-1 compliance by aligning its sepsis workflow around best practices and embedding action items into MEDITECH's EHR.

Union Hospital Improves Care Efficiency with Multiple Health Information Exchange (HIE) Strategy

Case Study published on January 28, 2019

Learn how Union Hospital improved care quality as well as the clinician and patient experience by sharing information with two local Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). 

Union Hospital's Journey To Stage 7

Case Study published on November 8, 2018

Learn how Union Hospital of Cecil County achieved HIMSS Stage 7 by demonstrating improved practices and paperless care with MEDITECH’s EHR. Topics highlighted include their dual HIE strategy, CAUTI reduction, lethality assessment process, and Oncology nurse navigator program.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust Transforms Cancer Care

Case Study published on July 6, 2018

Learn how The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre established a more efficient process for managing patient records, placing orders, and documenting care by integrating Oncology care into their MEDITECH EPR.

Ontario Shores Advances Patient Engagement with MEDITECH

Case Study published on March 22, 2018

Learn how Ontario Shores improved patient engagement metrics using MEDITECH's Patient and Consumer Health Portal.

MEDITECH and Interoperability Keeping You Connected

White Paper published on August 4, 2017

With a combined average of more than 300 billion data transactions per year, MEDITECH is a proven leader in the interoperability movement.

MEDITECH's Oncology Solution Integrates Cancer Management

White Paper published on July 3, 2017

Learn how integrating MEDITECH’s Oncology solution into your EHR helps you address the rapid rise and complexity in Oncology cases by providing safer and more efficient care coordination through specialty-driven workflows.

Innovation in Action

White Paper published on June 27, 2017

Meet four leading customers who are among the most innovative in healthcare, learn more about MEDITECH’s state-of-the-art technology, and discover how we outperform the competition.

Anderson Regional Cuts AR Days by 50% Using MEDITECH's Revenue Cycle Solution

Case Study published on February 21, 2017

Anderson Regional Health System is reaping the benefits of a renewed focus on their revenue cycle process with improved revenue and cash flow, process efficiencies, and increased productivity. 

It's in Their DNA - Avera Health Drives Precision Medicine at the Point of Care

Case Study published on January 26, 2017

Using the MEDITECH EHR, Avera Health implemented processes that convert pharmacogenomic results to actionable data at the point of medication ordering.

Strategies and Challenges: Managing the Opioid Crisis

Case Study published on December 30, 2016

Our nation’s unprecedented opioid epidemic continues to strain healthcare organizations across the care continuum. Nurse leaders from our customer base provide a first hand account of the opioid epidemic’s impact on their organizations, initiatives they use to manage the crisis, and the challenges that persist.

Detecting the Undetected: MEDITECH's Surveillance Identifies and Prevents Infections at Valley

Case Study published on September 16, 2016

In less than a year, MEDITECH’s 6.1 Surveillance has earned The Valley Hospital’s confidence for its power and versatility.

MEDITECH's EHR Steers Avera McKennan ED Nurse Navigator Program to $475,000 Annual Savings

Case Study published on August 25, 2016

Avera McKennan’s ED implemented a nurse-driven care manager program that focuses on "super utilizers" — patients who frequent the ED for non-emergent issues. 

Avera Health Reduces Sepsis Mortality with Help from MEDITECH's EHR

Case Study published on July 27, 2016

As part of their sepsis prevention program, Avera Health integrated a standardized sepsis toolkit into MEDITECH’s EHR.

MEDITECH's Surveillance Solution

White Paper published on May 27, 2016

MEDITECH’s Surveillance brief will provide further insight into how this exciting 6.1 product can help you monitor and analyze real time clinical and demographic data. Learn how you can automatically identify patients who qualify for clinical quality measures, or who may be at risk of developing specific conditions.

Building a Sepsis Early Warning System to Expedite Care

White Paper published on May 8, 2016

Physiological evidence of sepsis is often too subtle to detect until after the syndrome has progressed.

The Benefits of an Integrated Approach to Critical Care

White Paper published on April 21, 2016

MEDITECH’s integrated Critical Care solution supports the distinct workflows of ICUs, NICUs, and other high-acuity settings.

Building a Foundation for Population Health: Patient Registries

White Paper published on February 19, 2016

Patient registries and patient lists are forming the basis for sound population health management strategy.

Stamford Hospital CAUTI Reduction

Case Study published on December 15, 2015

Stamford Hospital (Stamford, CT) reduced hospital-wide urinary catheter use and urinary tract infections through a multidisciplinary program. The Stamford infection prevention team’s approach to minimizing urinary catheter use and catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) was the implementation of a nurse-directed urinary catheter removal protocol.