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Performance through partnership: MEDITECH and Frederick Health

Leaders at Frederick Health reflect on the benefits of their long-term partnership with MEDITECH and their engagement with MEDITECH Professional Services.

MEDITECH and Frederick Health (Frederick, MD) have partnered to improve care in western Maryland for over 30 years. Two years ago, Frederick Health moved to MEDITECH’s newest EHR platform, Expanse. They engaged MEDITECH Professional Services (MPS) to improve standards and align workflows as they rolled out Expanse across additional care settings, including their ambulatory practices. They also engaged MPS during their implementation of Expanse Genomics, which supports their innovative precision medicine program, one of the leading genomic medicine programs in the country.

This fall, MEDITECH staff had an opportunity to visit Frederick Health to discuss how our organizations can extend our collaboration to support the remarkable level of innovation underway at Frederick. During the visit, clinicians and executives reflected on the benefits of their long-term partnership with MEDITECH.

“This relationship with MEDITECH over the years has just gotten better and better and better,” noted Robert Wack, MD, pediatrics specialist and former CMIO. “Particularly the transition to Expanse, which has really been a big leap forward.”

Watch the video to learn more about Frederick Health’s partnership with MEDITECH and the many benefits it’s yielding.

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