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Expanse Genomics supports Frederick Health’s precision medicine program

MEDITECH Expanse Genomics helps Frederick Health take precision medicine to the next level.

Earlier this fall, MEDITECH staff had an opportunity to visit Frederick Health in Frederick, MD to discuss their innovative precision medicine program and see how MEDITECH's Expanse Genomics solution is being used to support it. Clinicians and executives at Frederick explained how MEDITECH’s genomics solution is helping them take their precision medicine program to the next level.

“It significantly streamlines our provider workflows by folding all of our core genomics routines into the EHR,” observed Pat Rice, CRNP and Clinical Director of Precision Medicine and Genetics. “Processes that were once performed manually outside of the EHR are now automated, from ordering tests to importing results to providing interpretation and guidance.” 

Watch the video to learn more about precision medicine at Frederick Health and how MEDITECH is helping them harness the full power of genomic medicine.

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