MEDITECH's Staff Gateway Provides Healthcare Employees with Convenient Self-Service Portal

MEDITECH's Staff Gateway, a web-based human resources solution portal, can be accessed from any device at any time.


When employees are empowered to become more engaged with their electronic data, healthcare organizations can ease management burdens while helping to eliminate paper trails and communication delays. With MEDITECH’s Staff Gateway — the newest component of the company’s Human Resources Planning solution — healthcare employees have an intuitive, easy-to-use tool to manage a wide range of HR tasks from any device, at any time.

Staff can manage an array of self-service choices — including the option to enroll and/or make changes to their benefits, revise profile information, update training records, and apply for jobs. Users can securely communicate with their management staff to submit time off and leave of absence requests. Additionally, Staff Gateway offers employee access to personal tax data such as exemptions and withholdings, online W-2 forms (as well as T4 and T4A forms in Canada), compensation statements, and more in a web-based portal.

The Human Resources branch of Staff Gateway also enables HR professionals to post job openings to internal and external candidates, while managing the hiring process through separate URLs. Recruitment teams can use the portal to compare applicants to listed job requirements, communicate with job seekers by scheduling interviews and updating their review status, and move an accepted prospect to official employee designation.

Former employees can also connect to Staff Gateway to access payroll and tax form information and update their profiles. 

The customizable portal is available on desktop and mobile, with full functionality on both platforms. Customers can take advantage of branding options to personalize their own portal with colors, logos, and other features designed to enhance user experience. Staff Gateway is available to clients on MEDITECH 5.67, 6.08, 6.15 and Expanse platforms and includes optional two-factor authentication.

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