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One EHR, no limits. Welcome to the new vision of healthcare.

Meet Expanse, our next-generation web platform.

Expanse is defined as, "an uninterrupted space or area; a great reach or extent of command. The complete and total view." That's exactly what we're bringing to the table with our web-based EHR platform — an open workspace spanning every care setting, where clinicians can work unfettered by technological constraints.

Expanse is designed to bring care to new places — where will it take you?

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"What's in a name?"

An open space. The full picture. A bold step for physician satisfaction. A transformational moment in the EHR market. Helen Waters, MEDITECH Executive Vice President, breaks down what Expanse means for patients, providers, and the healthcare IT industry.

Look at healthcare through a new lens

We've been deliberate in preparing for the demands of this new healthcare paradigm. Expanse is designed to navigate healthcare's virtual frontier with unparalleled confidence and clarity. Our full-scale, web-based platform reaches across the entire care continuum, seamlessly connecting care throughout the patient's journey. Get ready to see the big picture.


Breaking down the walls

Year after year, we've seen practices and clinicians boxed in and burned out by EHRs that don't work with healthcare's wide-open landscape. Expanse breaks down the walls erected by 'desktop medicine', giving clinicians the reach they need, and the freedom they deserve. All you need is a browser.

Focusing on the Patient

The name 'Expanse' reflects not only the breadth and depth of our EHR, but also the lives of the patients it serves. Expanse provides a full view of the patient's story, and connects care like no other EHR on the market. With customizable workflows and navigation, Expanse delivers a dynamic, intuitive user experience that allows for less time with your EHR, and more time spent on patient care.

"With Expanse, we identified the need for an EHR for the post-Meaningful Use healthcare paradigm. Our clinicians deserve an open, dynamic workspace that allows them to connect care the way that works best for them and their patients. We don't believe this is something that should be exclusive, or come at an exorbitant cost. This is the future. This is the freedom and usability that everyone in healthcare should be accustomed to."

-Howard Messing

MEDITECH President & CEO

MEDITECH Expanse Logo

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