MEDITECH Releases Updated Decision Support and Guidance for Coronavirus (Revised 07/09/20)

New materials include an inventory burn rate calculator to determine when critical inventory is stressed.


MEDITECH continually monitors the CDC and WHO for updated recommendations, to ensure our guidance, enhancements, and support tools reflect the latest evidence. To help customers meet the demands of the COVID-19 crisis, MEDITECH continues to develop and update decision support, workflow guides, and configuration instructions. 

Inventory Burn Rate Calculator 

To assist organizations with optimizing supply, MEDITECH has created a burn rate calculator that helps facilities to determine when critical inventory is stressed and estimate how long remaining stock items will last. The calculator includes a SQL-stored procedure and a Google spreadsheet with dashboards displaying the burn rate of supplies, such as masks and gloves.

New and Updated Reporting Guidance  

In case you missed it, MEDITECH has released the following reporting guides: 

For more information on how MEDITECH can assist with reporting, please see the COVID-19 Regulatory Resources homepage.

Updated Materials 

MEDITECH’s Expanse COVID-19 Guidance has been updated to include:

  • Additional MedPower microlearning video courses
  • A COVID-19 widget, flowsheet, and Surveillance status board.
  • Enhanced Special Indicator functionality from Expanse Point of Care
  • Considerations when using Facetime, Skype, and other video visit technologies

COVID-19 Resources

Guidance Documents, educational offerings, and other information related to the coronavirus pandemic can be found on our COVID-19 Resources page. (MEDITECH also offers a public version, with access to many of the same materials.) For the latest updates, subscribe to MEDITECH COVID-19 Recent News and Announcements.

Other Revisions