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MEDITECH Greenfield expands to include new collaborative environments

Greenfield connects communities of partners and app developers to advance EHR solutions.

MEDITECH is happy to announce the expansion of MEDITECH Greenfield, now providing two collaborative environments that fuel innovation: Greenfield Alliance and Greenfield Workspace. Both Greenfield opportunities enable developers to join a like-minded community aimed at enabling better care for providers, patients, and consumers.

Greenfield Alliance is a new partner engagement initiative for organizations with proven, interoperable products that complement, enhance, or extend the Expanse EHR. It will allow for greater transparency for organizations interacting with MEDITECH and will also simplify the discovery and purchasing process for customers who wish to broaden the capabilities of their current systems. Organizations that are accepted into the Greenfield Alliance will enjoy a variety of benefits as together we promote complementary solutions for Expanse.

“Teaming with our partners in the Greenfield Alliance, we will be able to leverage our collective knowledge to get the best results from the Expanse EHR,” said MEDITECH Associate Vice President Jeffrey Kimball. “Our customers will benefit from having a clear understanding of available complementary solutions, as well as the highest level of support from us going forward. ”

App developers are also invited to apply to Greenfield Workspace - an established development ecosystem that enables our API community to test and enhance their own solutions within a real MEDITECH EHR. 

Members of the Greenfield Workspace have access to an environment that supports SMART on FHIR apps. It includes UI testing capabilities, as well as a wide variety of APIs beyond US Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI). Greenfield Workspace members will be able to acquire hands-on experience within proven grounds for applications in Expanse, and can brainstorm with developers at MEDITECH-hosted conferences. Greenfield will provide MEDITECH customers with the assurance that the app is vetted, thoroughly tested and will adhere to an agreed-upon implementation guide or deployment.

“We’re getting a glimpse into the future of healthcare IT with Greenfield Workspace,” said MEDITECH Senior Director of Interoperability and Product Strategy Mike Cordeiro. “It’s very exciting to be fostering the growth of impassioned organizations and individuals who are helping us to drive healthcare innovation forward as we all meet new challenges.”

We are inviting companies that want to collaborate with us to a special webinar on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. (Eastern). 

Explore how MEDITECH creates innovation through connection with Greenfield Alliance and Greenfield Workspace.