Lancet Laboratories Expands MEDITECH Solution in Lesotho


Lancet Laboratories, a leading provider of pathology services throughout Africa, recently expanded its MEDITECH solution at its Lesotho location.

Lesotho, a small mountainous country within Southern Africa, is home to approximately two million people. The region faces many public health challenges related to low coverage of essential public health services and ailing public health institutions.

Together with MEDITECH, Lancet recently implemented MEDITECH’s core laboratory and administrative modules at its Lesotho branch. Whilst most of South Africa was gearing down for the festive season, the teams immediately started with the execution of the system setup, handing over a functional LIVE environment to Lancet Laboratories on the 23rd of January 2019 for final testing and verification. Go-LIVE was achieved on the 1st of February 2019.

Congratulations to the Lancet and MTSA teams on a successful implementation within such a short period of time.

A MEDITECH South Africa (MTSA) customer since 1983, Lancet Laboratories provides vital diagnostic and monitoring pathology services throughout Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Swaziland, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho.

With its broad reach throughout Africa, the laboratory is able to offer faster and more efficient turn-around times to more patients and their doctors. Lancet provides specialist pathology services to Africa’s population in support of the fight against HIV, tuberculosis, and other key health issues affecting the continent.

The private lab is working towards obtaining ISO 15189 accreditation for all laboratories and ISO 9001 certification for all support departments, furthering its ability to consistently produce quality and accurate patient results and ensuring customer satisfaction.

MTSA has provided integrated software solutions to healthcare organisations throughout Africa and the Middle East for over 37 years. With its local knowledge and experience, MEDITECH strives to be the preferred business partner in delivering effective long-term solutions and services.