Join MEDITECH in Recognizing Canadian Patient Safety Week

Join MEDITECH in Recognizing Canadian Patient Safety Week


This year, Canadian Patient Safety Week (October 29 to November 2) will focus on the importance of medication safety, with the goal of reducing medication errors across Canada. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s (CPSI) theme is Not All Meds Get Along, encouraging patients and healthcare professionals to seek medication reviews for at-risk populations.

According to CPSI, preventable medication hospitalizations cost over $140 million Canadian dollars in direct and indirect healthcare expenditures, with lost productivity (including time off work) adding $12 million in costs. Globally, the cost associated with medication errors has been estimated at over $55 billion.

MEDITECH supports the efforts of our many customers who are helping to make their communities safer and healthier. Here’s a few ways information technology can help you to improve safety at your organization:

  • An integrated EHR gives providers across the continuum a more complete picture of their patients’ health - so they are treating people, and not just problems. 
  • Web-based devices such as tablets give clinicians the mobility they need to do all their documenting right at the patient’s bedside, not after their shift ends. 
  • Point of care functionality empowers nurses and therapists to be more efficient — while still keeping safety front and center.
  • Bedside Verification ensures that you always give the right patient the right medication, at the right dosage and during the right time. 
  • More complete medication histories in your EHR can help enhance patient safety and streamline workflows. 

In addition, MEDITECH will soon be expanding the EHR Excellence Toolkit program to the Canadian market. We’re researching Canadian clinical practice guidelines and, to date, MEDITECH's Antimicrobial Stewardship and Fall Risk Management toolkits are in alignment with Accreditation Canada's Required Organizational Practices. The team is also researching a new Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) toolkit, aligned with Canadian-specific guidelines and quality measures. 

MEDITECH customers, to get more information on our EHR Excellence Toolkit Program, please contact . For more ideas about what your organization can do to raise patient safety awareness, visit the Canadian Patient Safety Institute