Google Health’s Dr. Peter Clardy discusses the evolving role of AI

How to balance trust and innovation in AI technology

Google Health’s Dr. Peter Clardy discusses the evolving role of AI with This Week Health.


This Week Health founder Bill Russell welcomed Google Health Senior Clinical Specialist Pete Clardy, MD, MBA, FAANS, to discuss the evolving role of AI in healthcare. The conversation delves into how AI reshapes healthcare providers' approach to patient data, generative AI's potential in medical assessments, and the crucial balance between technological innovation and data privacy. 

Dr. Clardy explains how Google and MEDITECH work together to create solutions that meet the needs of clinicians in the field, including Expanse Search and Summarization, powered by Google Health. This discussion offers valuable insights into the future of healthcare in an AI-driven world and how to build clinician trust in AI technology.

“Internally, we work with our teams to help them understand unmet clinical needs and to build intuitive solutions,” said Clardy. “Having the opportunity to have clinicians from the Google side work with MEDITECH and more directly with the MEDITECH sites where we pilot some of this technology has really created an important closed loop for our learning.”

Key Points: 

  • Building Trust In AI
  • Data Privacy Concerns
  • Generative AI Applications
  • Technology Regulations
  • MEDITECH Innovations

Listen to the full episode here.

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