National Recovery Month 2021


How MEDITECH customers are supporting patients this Recovery Month

During Recovery Month, MEDITECH shares customer strategies for addressing substance use and mental health issues.

A year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, more clinicians are recognizing the effect of severe stress on their communities as substance use disorders and mental health issues increasingly impact health outcomes. To raise awareness of these issues, National Recovery Month promotes the positive message that behavioral health is critical to our well-being.    

All month long, MEDITECH is sharing our customers’ strategies for addressing patients’ substance use and mental health issues, including Southern Ohio Medical Center’s focus on opioid addiction stigma and Coffeyville Regional Medical Center’s depression screening improvements using our evidence-based toolkit.   

MEDITECH’s Opioid Stewardship and Depression Screening and Suicide Prevention Toolkits are helping healthcare organizations to develop better strategies for identifying and supporting patients with mental health challenges. 

Follow @MEDITECH on Twitter as we share our customers’ stories and strategies for mental health support, throughout National Recovery Month.  

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