A man takes his blood pressure reading in his living room.


Case Study: Major Health Partners uses MEDITECH Expanse hypertension patient registries in population health initiative

Major Health Partners (Shelbyville, IN) began tracking population health using Expanse and saw an average 30 percent monthly reduction for those with blood pressure over 160.

Major Health Partners’ Primary Care Council envisioned creating a program that improved the health of the community through targeted population health efforts, but the organization lacked the means to aggregate panels of patients with the same disease. 

A new case study highlights how MHP’s implementation of MEDITECH Expanse enabled the Primary Care Council to begin the population health program they imagined. Using ambulatory registries to aggregate and stratify lists of patients, the organization could now identify the size and scope of patients with the same disease and prioritize which patient groups to target first.

After identifying the community’s top chronic health conditions, MHP chose hypertension as the program’s first registry, focusing on patients whose systolic blood pressure reading was greater than 160. Download the case study to find out how MHP averaged a 30-percent monthly reduction for these patients. 


See how Expanse registries help improve the health of a community through targeted population health efforts.