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Ambulatory isn't just about seeing the patient in the physician's office. You need to see the patient's complete story — where they've been and where they are going next — to deliver the most appropriate care. With MEDITECH's Expanse EHR, you can. Access data from acute, home health, behavioral health, long-term care, and beyond, presented just the way you need it. No more walls, no more limits.

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Practice medicine (not computer science)

Stop spending more than half your work day interacting with the EHR and put your focus where it belongs — on patients. With its mobile, flexible, and intuitive design, MEDITECH's Ambulatory solution won't slow you down or get between you and your patients. They'll be happier. You'll be happier. It's time to get back to practicing medicine.

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The power of one

We bring it all together for your ambulatory practice: One EHR across all care settings, ensuring a complete picture of health for each of your patients. A single schedule, combining your appointments across settings, rounding schedule, meetings, and more — all in one place. And a single patient bill for all care, wherever it occurred. Add to this accelerated eligibility checking, streamlined referral management, and advanced revenue cycle tools, and your practice will be running at peak efficiency.

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A new EHR for a new era

Experience what a modern EHR should be: intuitive, fast, and easy to use. Expanse takes full advantage of mobile technology, untethering you from your desktop so you can tap and swipe through your charts more efficiently. Why shouldn't your EHR be as easy to use as your favorite apps?

"OK, MEDITECH." Make my life easier.

The most intuitive EHR for physicians just got easier. Now physicians can promptly find what they’re looking for in their EHR simply by asking. Powered by the same advanced AI you use on your personal devices, Expanse Virtual Assistant works just like you’d expect it to — lowering your cognitive load and allowing you to focus on your patients, not your devices.

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Stay connected with Expanse Now

No matter how efficient your EHR is, we know there are times you need to access patient information outside of the office. That’s why we created Expanse Now, our physician mobility app for Android and iOS smartphones. Securely access your Expanse EHR wherever you are, using intuitive mobile device conventions and voice commands. Remotely manage routine tasks from the palm of your hand, and ensure the highest levels of care coordination and communication with your patients and care teams. Learn more.

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What docs are saying about our Ambulatory product

Hear about the features practicing physicians love in our Ambulatory solution — from personal widgets, to mobility, to the unsurpassed level of integration it offers.

Go team!

Whether you're a physician, nurse, PA, NP, or any other member of the care team, you need an ambulatory solution that supports a team approach. Expanse improves communication and care coordination, with secure messaging and texting, multidisciplinary care plans, and dynamic patient registries for tracking patients as they cross settings. A unified patient record with robust tools for care coordination ensures that your team is always working from the same playbook.

A higher level of care

With our Ambulatory solution, you can do more than just serve the patients you see that day. Take your care up a level and positively impact entire populations with dynamic patient registries — responsive browser-based lists that are updated the moment data in the EHR changes. Sort patients by common characteristics, quickly identify problem areas, and intervene before minor issues become serious. It's the tool you need to keep your healthy patients well and manage your chronically ill patients more effectively.

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See the power of Patient Registries in our white paper: Building a Foundation for Population Health.

Make it yours

In healthcare, one size rarely fits all. You need a personalized EHR designed around your unique workflows and practice patterns, with your own widgets, preferences, and shortcuts built in. Our Ambulatory solution includes out-of-the-box content across more than 40 specialities, including documentation templates, protocols, order sets, and much more — all based on the most current clinical evidence. You take it from there and make it your own. The result: lower stress, higher efficiency, less burnout. That's better for you and your patients.

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Hit the target

You can't improve what you don't measure, which is why our Ambulatory solution helps you monitor every aspect of clinical and financial performance, to ensure you're hitting your targets. Our interactive, user-friendly Quality Vantage dashboards take the mystery out of MACRA by providing performance snapshots well before the end of your reporting period, to help you identify and correct any measures that are missing the mark.

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Be more engaging

Engaged patients become active partners in their own care. Encourage them with smart tools like our Patient and Consumer Health Portal and MHealth app, which enable patients to easily schedule appointments, pay bills, print immunization records, and securely communicate with their providers. They can even connect their fitness devices and apps. You can also offer your patients the ultimate convenience: care wherever they are, via our secure virtual visit technology.

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Full speed ahead

Empower your physicians to get the most from their EHR with the Expanse Efficiency Dashboard. With detailed user metrics and real-time reporting, the dashboard offers actionable insights for adjusting workflows and personalizing the EHR experience to each provider’s needs. The result is happier physicians who get their work done on time and focus on what’s most important to them — their patients. Identify opportunities for targeted training, EHR personalization, and individualized support, so you can ensure confident, proficient, satisfied users.


Learn how Expanse Patient Connect enables automated, bidirectional communications with your patients — improving engagement, loyalty, satisfaction, and your bottom line.

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