Beyond the Symposium: 2022 Clinical Informatics Symposium

We covered a lot during the 2022 Clinical Informatics Symposium. Here are some links to help you stay in the know.

Innovators: MEDITECH Customers in Action Case Study Booklet 
Easy-to-read, one-page case studies on how clinicians are using EHRs to improve patient outcomes and succeed in the age of value-based care. Read more about how your peers are improving outcomes with real results.

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Expanse Care Compass
With Expanse Care Compass, care managers can identify and meet the needs of their patient populations while closing care gaps.

Expanse Patient Engagement Solutions
Engage your patients in their healthcare journey. By offering tools that fit their lifestyles, you lay the foundation for long-lasting partnerships and a healthier community of patients.

Expanse Virtual Care
MEDITECH’s Virtual Care solution enables patients to stay connected to their care providers (and your organization) via convenient video visits, no matter the circumstances.

Expanse Genomics
For health systems of all sizes, the path to precision medicine is here. MEDITECH’s Expanse Genomics end-to-end solution gives providers access to patients’ genetic data — and the clinical decision support tools they need to apply it.

Expanse Patient Care
Free clinicians to keep their focus on patients and move without limitations. Convenient, web-based mobile tools give them full access to the enterprise-wide EHR, a unified user experience, and clinical decision support. 

MEDITECH Surveillance
MEDITECH Surveillance analyzes your data in real time and automatically identifies patients who need attention, whether it involves a potential HAC or a clinical quality measure. 

Traverse: MEDITECH’s Interoperability Solution
MEDITECH's Traverse interoperability solution, available with our Expanse EHR, puts people back at the center of healthcare by bridging the gaps that can happen during care transitions.

MEDITECH in Canada
Across Canada, MEDITECH customers have a rich history of delivering the highest quality healthcare. Find out how we’re connecting clinicians, hospitals, and health authorities with more efficient EHR tools and integration that spans all settings.

Expanse Labor and Delivery
Life's most important transition of care occurs the moment a baby enters the world. With MEDITECH's Expanse Labor and Delivery solution, nurses can keep this transition safe and seamless, from the start of labor through postpartum care.

Expanse Ambulatory
Expanse Ambulatory is a complete solution, built from the ground up with input from practice administrators, nurses, and physicians across a wide range of specialties. Meet the unique needs of the ambulatory environment.

Expanse Oncology
Tailored to the needs of oncologists, MEDITECH’s Expanse Oncology solution automates both practice and scheduling workflows. 

Expanse for Physicians
MEDITECH Expanse gives doctors an EHR that suits them and the way they work — so they can provide safe and efficient care, no matter what.

MEDITECH Professional Services
MEDITECH Professional Services can help elevate your outcomes, improve peak performance, and drive decisions through data insights. Collaborate with a team of experts to help you improve quality and maximize ROI using advanced system functionality.

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