2022 Clinical Informatics Symposium


Presentations and video recordings from MEDITECH’s Clinical Informatics Symposium are now posted.

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star icon Thank you to everyone who attended MEDITECH's inaugural Clinical Informatics Symposium. We hope you walked away with tangible EHR strategies for elevating care.  Here are some updates:

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    Day 1 | Wednesday, June 15

    Plenary Sessions

    video icon Welcome Address
    Cathy Turner, BSN, MBA, RN-BC, Associate Vice President, MEDITECH

    video icon Development Roadmap
    Rebecca Lancaster, CPM, Senior Manager, Product Management, MEDITECH

    Track Sessions - 1 p.m.

    video icon PrescribeIT
    Kari Ollanketo, Manager, Product Development, MEDITECH
    Mary St. Pierre, Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH

    PrescribeIT is Canada’s answer to a nationwide e-Prescribing network. Join this session to learn how PrescribeIT’s features and functionality will be incorporated into the Expanse EHR. From transmitting new prescriptions electronically to pharmacies, to supporting inbound messages such as dispense notifications, renewal requests, and clinical communication, PrescribIT stands to streamline and improve communication between prescribers and retail pharmacies in many ways.

    video icon Improving Your Interoperability Strategy for the Future
    Adam Blaha, Director, Client Services Interoperability, MEDITECH
    We provide a high-level summary of current and upcoming interoperability solutions, showing how they can be included in your interoperability strategy to prepare for regulatory, clinical, and patient engagement successes.

    video icon Optimizing Updates and Avoiding Landmines
    Matthew Salah, Director, Client Services Updates, MEDITECH
    By taking updates to the MEDITECH EHR, your organization stays up-to-date with the newest fixes and enhancements to the products you use and remains compliant with ever-changing government regulations. Join us to learn how to have a streamlined update and to avoid the kinds of “landmines” that could negatively impact end-users, such as inefficiency, unwanted and unnecessary delays, and/or downtime during the update process.

    video icon Order Sets to Drive the Right Choices
    Liz Zani, Senior Manager, Client Services, MEDITECHJoin us for a walkthrough of key points and design decisions to be made when developing standardized order sets. We’ll examine each decision point to provide an understanding of how end user workflow can be impacted, and to help attendees make informed build decisions.

    Track Sessions - 2 p.m.

    video icon Interoperability: Patient Summaries
    Allie Marks, Regulatory Program Manager, Canadian Organizational Development, MEDITECH
    Garry Miller, Technical Product Manager, Interoperability, MEDITECH

    We’ll explore MEDITECH's response to Canadian interoperability initiatives, such as Ontario collaboration activities to conduct point-to-point CCD exchange, as well as an overview of the Federal Canadian Patient Summary (PS-CA) and Ontario Patient Summary (PS-ON) program.

    video icon Efficiencies in the Web 
    Stacey Kiely, Senior Manager, Product Development, MEDITECH
    Kimberly Fischer, Director, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Improving speed and efficiency within the EHR remains a top priority for MEDITECH. In this session, we’ll share recent and upcoming Development changes to improve performance in the Expanse chart, documentation, workload, and ordering routines. Additionally, we’ll review recent enhancements focused on increasing overall efficiency in these areas that enable clinicians to spend less time focused on the EHR and more time with their patients.

    video icon Improving the User Experience with Scanned Documents in Ambulatory Workflows 
    Deborah Harrigan, MD, MEDITECH Physician Champion, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
    Melissa Makuch, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Nicole Carreiro, Senior Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Join Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital’s Dr. Deborah Harrigan, as she shares how the organization optimized its scanning workflows, enabling a better categorization of scans for Ambulatory providers and an improved clinician experience. This session will also include an exploration of scanned document descriptions, chart locations, and retrieval performance with recommendations to optimize each of these areas. We will also discuss recent interface enhancements and future projects to further improve the user experience. 

    video icon Expanse Labor and Delivery: The Solution Nurses Need to Welcome Their Newest Patients
    Katherine Hayden, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Life's most important transition of care occurs the moment a baby enters the world. With MEDITECH's Expanse Labor and Delivery solution, nurses can keep this milestone safe and seamless, from the start of labor through postpartum care.

    Track Sessions - 3 p.m.

    video icon How are You Managing Your Manage Transfer? 
    Jonathan Hallman, Senior Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Katie Maciel, Senior Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Beth Mathews, Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH

    We highlight key best practice builds for the Manage Transfer routine and discuss typical scenarios where it should be used. Attendees will walk away with key points to incorporate into their training, which will drive provider understanding and usage.

    video icon Expanse Oncology: Evolution of the Complete Outpatient Solution
    Sandy Kerfien, Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Amanda McNamee, Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH

    The Oncology suite has grown to support the diverse needs of all members of the care team. Learn how infusion visit workflows within Expanse Patient Care, along with more data being shared between the inpatient and outpatient environments, such as vital signs documentation, allows for a more consistent user experience. During this session, we’ll explore the intuitive web-based workflows ranging from cancer staging through survivorship that improve collaboration and communication.

    video icon Ambulatory Tips and Tricks
    LIVE demonstration; no presentation available.

    Mark Snowise, MD, CMIO, Berkshire Health Systems
    Hear from Berkshire Health Systems CMIO Mark Snowise as he shares key functionality features within the MEDITECH Ambulatory solution and how those features have supported provider workflows and increased efficiency around the organization.

    video icon ED Tips and Tricks
    Omer Moin, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Lawrence General Hospital
    Session description coming soon.

    Day 2 | Thursday, June 16

    Plenary Sessions

    Welcome Address
    Leah Farina, Vice President, MEDITECH

    video icon Optimizing Your MEDITECH Experience
    Michael Malone, Associate Vice President, MEDITECH
    Patricia Pacewicz, MT (ASCP), Director, Client Services Canada, MEDITECH

    Track Sessions - 1 p.m.

    video icon Leveraging Your EHR for Nursing Efficiency: Measuring the Impact with ROI Post-EHR Implementation
    Emily Pacheco-Valente, RN, Product Manager, Nursing and Surgical Services, MEDITECH
    Expanse Patient Care gives nurses and therapists the freedom and flexibility to choose the best device for the job, provides a unified user experience that is consistent across the care team, and gives time back to nurses and therapists so they can connect with their patients. This session features a recent video conversation with multiple organizations about Nursing Efficiency. This session provides 0.5 CEU credits upon completion of a survey.

    video icon Virtual Care: The Welcome Mat to Your Digital Front Door  
    Jessica Haller, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH’s Virtual Care solutions fill the need for telehealth visits by offering a robust suite of tools that can be used across the continuum of care to extend and reinforce the relationship between patients, their providers, and their healthcare organization. At the end of this session, attendees will have a better understanding of MEDITECH’s Virtual Care offerings and recently completed enhancements and will be able to see how telehealth can integrate seamlessly into existing provider workflows to provide higher patient satisfaction to consumers.

    video icon Patient Registries: A Powerful Tool in Proactive and Preventative Care
    Charles McClure, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    The shift to outcomes-based medicine has put more emphasis on the importance of proactively managing your patient population. Patient registries (such as those for wellness, event-driven, and condition-specific) are powerful tools that engage patients in any stage of their healthcare journey. Learn how you can leverage this routine for everything from notifying patients of upcoming exams to ensuring your organization is on track with Clinical Quality Measures to maximize reimbursement. 

    video icon Pharmacist Desktop: Optimizing the Edit Order Process
    Caitlyn Mulligan, Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    We will explore the Pharmacist Desktop and take a look at the Edit Order Process, with a focus on the "Load New Med Defaults" enhancement as well as "Transition screens."

    Track Sessions - 2 p.m.

    video icon Ocean eReferral Integration
    Michael Lavoie, Director, Product Development, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH is working with Ocean eReferral Network to develop a bi-directional, integrated solution, where community-sourced e-referrals will flow from Ocean into the Expanse Community-Wide Scheduling application queued as a booking request. This session will further explore how Ocean and Expanse will work together to streamline the e-referral processes, such as eliminating transcription error concerns and sharing provider credentials and patient demographics.                          

    video icon Regulatory Drives Data Exchange: 21st Century Cures Act & Electronic Case Reporting
    Katherine Todesco, Regulatory Programs Analyst, MEDITECH
    Stephanie Sousa, Regulatory Programs Analyst, MEDITECH
    Christina Gutierrez, Regulatory Program Manager, MEDITECH

    Join this session to learn about Electronic Case Reporting, USCDI, and ONC’s information blocking requirements in 2022 and beyond. We’ll also explore how MEDITECH’s solutions drive data exchange. 

    video icon Care Compass: Understanding the Assignment
    Kate Jenkins-Brown, Product Manager, Care Management, MEDITECH
    The escalating costs and sub-optimal outcomes associated with chronic disease management continue to challenge healthcare systems worldwide. With Expanse Care Compass, MEDITECH has introduced a set of care management tools that not only aid in the management of chronic conditions but also help ambulatory practices strengthen patient-provider relationships. Attend this session to learn how practices can keep patients engaged between visits to ensure they are following treatment recommendations, attending wellness visits, and receiving appropriate screenings and immunizations. Explore the Expanse Care Compass Home Screen and discover how it promotes care manager efficiency, giving your staff the time to meaningfully engage with their patients.

    Reducing C. diff with People, Process & Technology
    No video recording available.

    April Sanders, Clinical Informatics Specialist, Southern Ohio Medical Center
    Kerri Riel Nash, Senior Project Manager, Clinical Excellence, Professional Services, MEDITECH
    Jonathan Bashford, Consultant, Business Intelligence Data Engineering, Professional Services, MEDITECH

    Evidence shows that C.diff incidence and spread can be prevented by appropriate testing, rapid identification, isolation of patients, and optimizing antibiotic prescribing practices. Come and learn how Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) partnered with MEDITECH to design and implement an advanced set of evidence-based EHR tools — including real-time surveillance monitoring and advanced clinical decision support (CDS). By leveraging BCA and working alongside the MEDITECH Professional Services expert team, SOMC was able to streamline workflows and realize improved C.diff outcomes.   

    Track Sessions - 3 p.m.

    video icon Physician Documentation: Improvements to Multiple-Contributor Functionality
    Lucianna Polvere, Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Jamie Lambert, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH

    This session will provide information on the Multiple-Contributor enhancement available with Expanse 2.1.38+, 2.2.26+. This enhancement offers the care team more flexibility and consistent access to web documentation and allows for optimized collaboration to the top of each contributor’s credentialing in order to maximize reimbursement. This session is intended for current web users of MEDITECH’s Expanse or 6.15 platforms.

    video icon Starting a Precision Medicine Program in a Community Setting
    Jennifer Ford, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    We’ll hear from Frederick Health as they share feedback and advice on starting a Precision Medicine Program. The team will discuss the benefits, hurdles, and successes they’ve encountered along the way, as well as how they plan to leverage Expanse Genomics to further their initiatives in this area and across the Electronic Health Record.

    video icon Just the Facts: How to Create a Clinical Dragnet with Surveillance
    Alana Commendatore, RN, Supervisor, Clinical Excellence & Physician Services, Professional Services, MEDITECH
    Dan Seltzer, Senior Analyst, Clinical Excellence & Physician Services, Professional Services, MEDITECH
    Larissa DeGregorio, Senior Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Attend this session for a demonstration on the power of MEDITECH's Expanse Surveillance solution. We will show how organizations can identify key quality improvement topics specific to their own unique needs, and successfully build and deploy surveillance tools in order to drive quality improvement efforts.


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