MEDITECH Nursing Solutions

Nurses: be the efficiency experts of safe, patient-centered care.

You know what your patients need. We can help you get it done. Manage interventions, monitor risks, meet growing regulatory demands, engage patients, and coordinate care with enterprise-wide nursing solutions for every specialty. MEDITECH Expanse gives you the tools to do more, safely. 

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'One Source of Truth' improves safety and saves time.

One record, one MAR, one problem list, across multiple care settings. Hear how MEDITECH’s integrated EHR puts safety front and center.

Confidence behind every decision.

Use our evidence-based care plans to establish best practices, link to an online library of clinical evidence, and more.

  • Give patients research-based discharge instructions and educational content
  • Be notified of out-of-range values, unsafe medication and transfusion administrations, and at-risk conditions
  • Launch into MCG CareWebQI/Indicia to review evidence-based content and evaluate clinical indications for level of care determinations

Documentation that minimizes distraction.

Don’t let documentation get between you and your patients. Our integrated approach supports viewing and trending of assessments, vital signs, and more, as patients transition between care settings. You get the full patient story without the repetition — or the risk.

Spend less time documenting, with:

  • Standard point-and-click templates
  • Embedded shortcuts
  • Monitor integration
  • Image annotation
MEDITECH Point of Care

Expanse Point of Care Software

Expanse Point of Care Software complements the mobile capabilities of our Patient Care System by enabling clinicians to conveniently review patient lists and document care from smartphones using modern web browsers. This new web-based software provides nurses, LPNs, aides, and other care providers with an additional tool for performing tasks such as quick medication verification and care intervention documentation.

See how our Expanse Point of Care Software will benefit you.


Keep your patients in focus.

  • Use Surveillance Boards to display patients who qualify for clinical quality measures
  • Get notified of patients at risk of sepsis and other hospital acquired conditions
  • Detect readmission risks sooner
  • Real-time data is given back to nurses in an actionable, meaningful way to be evaluated and interpreted to improve patient care
MEDITECH Surveillance Desktop screenshot

MEDITECH [Expanse] provides us with tools and enhancements that allow us to coordinate care and achieve our population health goals.

Jodi Frei, PT, MSMIIT

Manager of Organizational Informatics, Northwestern Medical Center

We’re excited that nurses can go into an assessment and see the vital signs that were uploaded from the monitor, rather than have to document them into the system.

Niki Seling, MSN, LSSBB, RN

Nursing Information Systems Analyst, University of Maryland School of Nursing

Staff can see that the patient has been here before. They can see the patient’s allergies and home meds, which streamlines their processes. They love it!

Kim Bovard, MSN, RN, BC

Clinical Information Specialist, Meadville Medical Center

Stay in touch for smoother transitions.

Nurses, physicians, therapists, case managers — you’re all on the same team. Communicate effectively with our:

  • Enterprise-wide EHR
  • Multidisciplinary care plans
  • Real-time status board monitoring of all patient activity, for smoother handoffs
  • Inherent clinical messaging
  • Integration with Imprivata Cortext® secure texting
MEDITECH PCS Status Board screenshot

Smart tools for every nursing specialty.

Fix your specialty’s problem areas, with our web-based solutions.

ED Nurses

Use integrated trackers to smooth transitions, as in this ED nurse navigator program.

Home Care Nurses

Review real-time schedules from your smartphone.

Surgical Nurses

Document from pre-surgical interview to PACU with integrated interoperative documentation.

Quality Managers

Review actionable watchlists of patients who qualify for surveillance profiles.

Practice Nurses

Share a single visit note between nurses and physicians.

Long Term Care Nurses

Critical Care Nurses

Live in a flowsheet customized for high acuity settings.

Case Managers

Complete reviews, support transitions, and manage follow up.

Nursing Engagement at MEDITECH

As nurses, you contribute the most information to the EHR. That’s why your feedback is essential. Share your ideas and experiences through our:

Learn how MEDITECH Expanse Point of Care (POC) software offers flexibility to the care providers’ workflow.