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It's the mobile, patient-centered clinical experience you've been waiting for.

It's time for clinicians and therapists to untether from their WOWs with the help of modern, mobile solutions that fit conveniently in their hand or pocket. With MEDITECH Expanse, you'll be free to stay focused on what you value most — providing compassionate patient care. From advanced tracking boards for early detection and intervention of at-risk conditions, to our mobile Expanse Point of Care software, you'll have the tools you need to provide the quality, face-to-face care your patients deserve.

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Joe Farr on Point of Care

Discover how easy it is to streamline your workflow.

Hear from Joe Farr, RN, clinical applications coordinator at King's Daughters Medical Center, about how Expanse Point of Care has “knocked it out of the park” by increasing efficiencies and improving satisfaction for their clinicians and therapists.

Document without distractions.

Stay focused on your patients, not your device. MEDITECH Expanse Point of Care is a modern, mobile solution that you can use to complete most documentation using a smartphone or handheld mobile device. Save time, simplify your workflow, and increase face-to-face time with your patients — with no additional software required.

MEDITECH's Expanse Point of Care software

Improves the patient experience by:

  • Bringing chart navigation and documentation to the bedside
  • Recording vitals and administering medications without disturbing other patients in the room
  • Allowing patients to have more face-to-face time with their clinicians.

Improves the user experience by:

  • Giving clinicians more time back in their day
  • Reducing reliance on WOWs — because you're using the right device for the right job
  • Providing instant access to patient charts with a simple wristband scan.
Joe Farr, RN, Clinical Applications Coordinator head shot

"Expanse Point of Care technology has generated more excitement than any nursing product to date! We're confident it will solve our current logistical challenges and introduce new efficiencies for bedside providers, while still maintaining the highest patient safety standards."

Joe Farr, RN, Clinical Applications Coordinator

King's Daughters Medical Center

Put patient safety first.

Expanse provides the stopgap measures to prevent errors and preserve your peace of mind. You and your patients will benefit from:

  • Surveillance boards and notifications to flag for patients at risk for sepsis, falls, and other hospital-acquired conditions
  • Evidence- and expert-based content, rules, and workflows, so you're never alone in your decision making
  • Bedside medication, transfusion, and phlebotomy verification
  • Real-time notifications of out-of-range values and overdue interventions.

Use more intelligent solutions, for more meaningful results.

Using MEDITECH's CAUTI Toolkit in conjunction with Surveillance features, several locations within RCCH HealthCare Partners saw an immediate and significant decrease in their CAUTI cases as early as the first quarter following go-LIVE.

45% decrease in CAUTI cases

between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018

Pie chart showing 45%

35% reduction in foley catheter days

between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018

Pie chart showing 35%

Stay in touch with your team, for smoother care transitions.

Nurses, physicians, therapists, case managers — you're all on the same team. Communicate more effectively with our:

  • Enterprise-wide EHR
  • Multidisciplinary care plans
  • Real-time status board monitoring of all patient activity, for smoother handoffs
  • Inherent clinical messaging and integration with Imprivata Cortext®secure texting
  • Embedded links to MCG CareWebQI/Indicia for evaluating clinical indications and determining level of care.
MEDITECH PCS Status Board screenshot

Smart tools for every nursing specialty.

Fix your specialty's problem areas, with our web-based solutions.

ED Nurses

Use integrated trackers to smooth transitions, as in this ED nurse navigator program.

Home Care Nurses

Review real-time schedules from your smartphone.

Surgical Nurses

Document from pre-surgical interview to PACU with integrated interoperative documentation.

Quality Managers

Review actionable watchlists of patients who qualify for surveillance profiles.

Practice Nurses

Share a single visit note between nurses and physicians.

Long Term Care Nurses

Critical Care Nurses

Live in a flowsheet customized for high acuity settings.

Case Managers

Complete reviews, support transitions, and manage follow up.

Support for busy therapists...

Stay “on the go” with a convenient, reliable tool in your back pocket that will complement your workflow. Expanse Point of Care is the perfect fit for:

Physical Therapists Icon

Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists Icon

Occupational Therapists

Respiratory Therapists Icon

Respiratory Therapists

Speech Language Pathologist Icon

Speech Language Pathologists

Mental Health Care Icon

Mental Health Care Providers

Patient Care Aide Icon

Patient Care Aides

...and their unique workflows.

  • Mobile, modern solution that helps you treat patients wherever they are
  • Easy-to-use, flexible documentation tools
  • Frictionless interaction with patients
  • Easily slips in your pocket and out of the way
  • Patient information supports the mobile workflow needs of busy therapists.
Screenshot of MEDITECH software on mobile phone
Screenshot of MEDITECH software on mobile phone

Learn how Expanse Point of Care puts medication administration, documentation, and chart review in the palm of your hand. Hear an early adopter's experience with this functionality.

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