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Expanse Patient Care

It’s your move.

Keep your nurses and therapists on the move with our new, web-based solution. Intuitive, easy-to-use tools help them stay focused on their patients. Plus, Expanse Patient Care works on any device, so they can choose the one that works best for the task at hand. Just sign in and go!

Collaborate with clarity.

Nurses and therapists are able to reference patient information as it appears to the rest of the team, simplifying care transitions and physician interactions. Clinicians collaborate more effectively with our:

  • Unified user experience.
  • Enterprise-wide EHR.
  • Hand-off routine.
  • Real-time status board.
  • Clinical decision support.
  • Secure messaging capabilities.

Increase face-to-face time with patients — no additional software required.

Choose the right device for the task. Nurses and therapists can grab a tablet to perform hand-offs, review patient education, and discuss discharge plans at the bedside, or pull a smartphone from their pocket to record vital signs and administer medications with clinical decision support. No WOW or bar code scanner is required.

MEDITECH's Expanse Patient Care

Nurse using smart phone

Improves the patient experience by:

  • Bringing chart navigation and documentation to the bedside
  • Enabling nurses to record vitals and administer medications without disturbing other patients in the room
  • Reducing caregiver reliance on WOWs and other cumbersome technologies from the patient room
  • Enhancing satisfaction through more face-to-face interactions with their clinicians
  • Reviewing patient education at the bedside.
Dr helping patient

Improves the user experience by:

  • Operating on tablets and smartphones that fit in your pocket
  • Giving nurses and therapists more time back in their day
  • Providing real-time status board monitoring of all patient activity for smoother hand-offs
  • Allowing nurses and therapists to practice with the same user interface as physicians
  • Enabling clinicians to access patient charts with a simple wristband scan.

Put patient safety first.

Expanse provides the stopgap measures to prevent errors and preserve your peace of mind. Your nurses and patients will benefit from:

Exclamation Point

Surveillance boards and notifications to flag for patients at risk for sepsis, falls, and other hospital-acquired conditions.

Magnifying Glass

Evidence-based content, rules, and workflows, so you're never alone in your decision-making.


Bedside medication, transfusion, and phlebotomy verification.

Bell Graphic

Real-time notifications of out-of-range values and overdue interventions.

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More meaningful relationships through mobility.

Four nurses at Woman’s Hospital (Baton Rouge, LA) explain how MEDITECH’s Point of Care functionality is making patient care safer and more efficient, and creating more meaningful relationships with patients.

King’s Daughters Medical Center (Brookhaven, MS) introduced Expanse Point of Care on an opt-in basis and experienced impressive rates of adoption throughout the hospital. Read the case study.

mobile figure
mobile figure

Move with confidence.

Nurses and therapists stay “on the go” with convenient, reliable tools that fit in their pockets.

Expanse Patient Care includes Point of Care components:

  • Mobile, modern solution with intuitive navigation
  • Easy-to-use, flexible documentation tools
  • Frictionless interaction with patients
  • Easily slips in your pocket and out of the way
  • Patient information supports the mobile workflow needs of busy therapists.

A smooth workflow for therapists.

“It’s nice that it all flows through. Even though a patient may change location, all of the information is still right there available for you. You’re not having to go into a bunch of different areas, or a bunch of different screens. It all travels with them.”

Kaylee Bounds, Respiratory Therapist

Halifax Health

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