Transform the way you work, with MEDITECH Expanse.

Rise above familiar obstacles like physician burnout, security breaches, and consumer demands with transformative technology that will revitalize the way you work.

Everyone has challenges — Expanse helps you overcome them.

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Turn physician burnout into physician productivity.

On average, physicians spend only 50 percent of their time on face-to-face interaction with patients. The rest is spent on “desktop medicine.” But imagine if physicians could get the information they need, the way they want it — wherever and whenever they need it?
Now they can. Expanse brings physician satisfaction and productivity into focus by centering on the user’s intended workflow. MEDITECH’s approach to agile development results in intuitive, customizable tools that save physicians time and help them do more. With comfortable navigation, personalized views, tap-and-swipe capabilities, and mobile design, it’s time to wave goodbye to burnout.

Ensure your EHR data is safe and sound.

The threat of security issues hangs over every care organization, but fear not: Expanse runs in your browser, so data is never stored on your device. Along with its built-in security features, Expanse integrates with offerings from Forward Advantage, using solutions from Imprivata, to ensure that the right information goes to the right people — every time.

Virtual Desktop Access

Virtual Desktop Access tightly integrates with all virtualization environments and technologies, allowing you to leverage the full benefits of your MEDITECH EHR, no matter where you are.

Single Sign-On

OneSign eliminates the need to remember and enter usernames and passwords time after time. All you need is a badge tap, finger touch, or short token for increased productivity and stronger security.


Biometric Patient ID

PatientSecure uses a patient’s unique palm vein pattern for secure and efficient identification. Eliminate identity theft and insurance fraud, and provide patients with quick access to care anywhere in the continuum.

Ed Ricks Transform EHR Quote

I think one of the most important things we’ve done to improve physician engagement was to acquire Imprivata’s OneSign single sign-on solution, which we implemented with our partner Forward Advantage. In the tap-and-go, follow-me workstation environment, we have been able to save important time in the clinician’s busy day and improve our information security with the same initiative. It isn’t often that you hear a physician tell a CIO, ‘Thank you for doing something for me instead of to me’.

Ed Ricks, MHA

CIO, VP of Information Services, Beaufort Memorial Hospital

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Connect the consumer experience.

Healthcare organizations are facing demands to elevate the patient experience — and we’re answering the call. MEDITECH’s Patient & Consumer Health Portal engages patients in their care, while ensuring their safety and securing their personal information. Plus, our system integrates patient-generated health data from wearables and remote-monitoring devices, so individuals can take an active role in tracking their health and wellness.

Predictive care: it’s about time.

As the shift towards value-based care continues, don’t just collect data — use it to predict problems, intervene faster, and improve outcomes. MEDITECH's Surveillance solution analyzes data in real-time and automatically identifies patients who meet the criteria for quality measures or potential HACs. Alerts broadcast to status boards and trackers throughout MEDITECH’s EHR, helping care teams to identify patients before something happens, for predictive care. Learn how MEDITECH’s Expanse Surveillance earned The Valley Hospital’s confidence in our case study.

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Standard Content

Get up and running fast with Surveillance Boards for quality measures, specific conditions, and more. Content is easily tailored using our flexible rules engine.

EHR Excellence Toolkits

Built directly into Expanse, toolkits include optimal workflows and system setup to help you improve outcomes for healthcare priorities such as CAUTI, sepsis, and fall risk.

Take a step towards transformation

From Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD) achieving HealthCare's Most Wired Level 10 status from CHIME, to Humber River Hospital (Toronto, ON) earning the distinction as North America's first fully digital hospital, MEDITECH customers are embracing the spirit of innovation. Download our case study booklet to see how our customers are improving outcomes with real results.