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MEDITECH Greenfield

MEDITECH is taking another step forward to broaden EHR usability and interoperability, by unveiling a new space of untapped potential. Welcome to MEDITECH Greenfield - our new app development environment supported by RESTful APIs, including FHIR.

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"In today's healthcare paradigm, EHRs are not only judged on their inherent functionality, but also for how well they connect with other systems. Greenfield is a natural extension of our open web environment, and represents another important step in MEDITECH's commitment to driving interoperability and innovation forward."

— Howard Messing, MEDITECH President and CEO

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How can MEDITECH Greenfield help to increase the value of your Expanse EHR? Hear from our development leaders on how this new environment will improve the ways providers, patients, and consumers all see and use healthcare data.

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Lay the groundwork for a more connected, user-friendly future, with MEDITECH Greenfield. Working together, we'll create a more convenient, personal user experience for everyone.

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