MEDITECH Nursing Solution

Expanse Patient Care

The best care. Humanly possible.

Liberate your nurses and therapists from clunky, time-consuming technology.

Expanse Patient Care frees them to move without limitations, wherever they're needed. Convenient, web-based tools give them full, mobile access to the enterprise-wide EHR, a unified user experience, and clinical decision support.

The best part? Expanse Patient Care keeps the focus where it should be — on the patient.

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Better for everyone.

When nurses and therapists practice with the smart devices they already know and love, it's a win-win for them and their patients. Nurses ranked MEDITECH #1 for Functionality and Usability in the 2020 Black Book survey.

Nurses and therapists can focus more on care when they:

  • Grab a tablet to perform hand-offs, review patient education, and discuss discharge plans, right at the bedside.
  • Navigate the chart and document when they're with patients, not later on at the nurses' station.
  • Record vitals and administer medications without lugging disruptive and cumbersome technology to patients' rooms.
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Mobility that Pays for Itself

"Moving to a web-based solution allowed us to reduce our third-party network licensing costs by over two-thirds. That's more than $40,000 in annual savings — which is expected to go up as we eliminate additional servers."

Carl Smith
King's Daughters Medical Center

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Unimpeded Nursing

"As soon as I go into the room, I'm already tapping in and going straight to the patient's bedside. It's a lot quicker. It's more efficient. And it takes a lot of the clicks out."

Taylor Berry, RN
King's Daughters Medical Center

Secure Electronic Health Record

Safe and Simple

"With the increased mobility of Expanse on a handheld device, nurses can slip into a room and administer medication in under a minute, saving time and barely interrupting a recovering patient"

Jureza Moselina MSN/INF, BSN, RN
Director of Clinical Informatics
Val Verde Regional Medical Center

Get time back.

Everybody's different. Give nurses and therapists an agile solution that lets them practice their way:

  • Task management using tablets and smartphones
  • Real-time status board monitoring of all patient activity for smoother hand-offs
  • Search functionality to find any item in a patient's chart, saving time and bringing nurses directly to meaningful patient data
  • Same user interface as their physician colleagues
  • Access to patient charts with a simple wristband scan
  • Secure messaging capabilities

Patient safety. First.

Expanse provides the stopgap measures to prevent errors and preserve your peace of mind. Your nurses and patients will benefit from:

Exclamation Point

Surveillance boards and notifications to flag for patients at risk for sepsis, falls, and other hospital-acquired conditions.

Magnifying Glass

Evidence-based content, rules, and workflows, so you're never alone in your decision-making.


Bedside medication, transfusion, and phlebotomy verification.

Bell Graphic

Real-time notifications of out-of-range values and overdue interventions.

Close the loop with hand-offs.

When changing shifts, nurses need a quick, customizable method to relay patient information to oncoming colleagues. MEDITECH's hand-off functionality in Expanse Patient Care communicates patient information without double documentation or searching the chart.

"In our busy ED, hand-offs are a great way to keep the team on the same page, without having to go through the entire chart. We can pull that info into the hand-off, and nurses love it. It's efficient, quick, and maybe even safer."

Sara Lewis, RN, Clinical Informatics Specialist
Major Health Partners

Meet your patients at the Point of Care.

Point of Care components give nurses and therapists:

  • A mobile, modern solution with intuitive navigation.
  • Easy-to-use, flexible documentation tools.
  • A convenient, reliable option that fits in their pocket.
  • Frictionless interactions with patients.
  • Access to patient information, whenever and wherever they need it.

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