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Expanse: The Intelligent EHR

MEDITECH's Expanse EHR embraces the ways in which care is evolving. Designed to adapt and grow along with our customers' needs, Expanse's web-based platform is fully interoperable for more connected care, and leverages cloud technology and AI to keep you at the forefront of innovation.

Achieve your healthcare organization's goals — no matter your organization's size, budget, or specialty. Reduce staff burnout with Expanse's personalized user experience; maintain your independence with our subscription-based, cloud-hosted MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS) solution; or provide more targeted treatment with precision medicine.

Expanse – the intelligent EHR – can help clear a path that will put your vision for the future within reach.

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What's new with MEDITECH Expanse? A lot!

Here are a few things you might not have known about us and our innovative EHR platform. Surprise, surprise!

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Flexible technology to support your organization's goals

Healthcare organizations of all different sizes, specialties, and locations have experienced the benefits of the Expanse EHR. See how the flexibility of this platform has supported customers on their unique journeys:

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    HCA Healthcare

    HCA Healthcare (Nashville, TN), one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services, extended its longstanding partnership with MEDITECH and signed on for a large-scale deployment of Expanse — including 182 hospitals and over 2,300 sites of care across 20 states and the United Kingdom.

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    Emanate Health

    Emanate Health, the largest nonprofit healthcare provider in California's San Gabriel Valley, selected Expanse to drive interoperable, data rich, value-based care across the continuum.

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    Frederick Health

    Using Expanse Genomics, community hospital Frederick Health is maintaining its independence and offering advanced precision medicine services to its local residents.

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    Hebrew SeniorLife

    New England's largest nonprofit provider of senior healthcare and living communities, Hebrew SeniorLife, adopted Expanse to provide an integrated, holistic view of elderly patients' health, for providers and families.

    Children's aide reading to a disabled child

    Bethany Children's Health Center

    Bethany Children's Health Center, an innovative leader in pediatric rehabilitation and 24-hour complex care, selected Expanse on the cloud-based MEDITECH-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform to integrate patient records across the 160-bed hospital, outpatient clinics, and rehabilitation services.

    PT workong on motor skills with elderly man

    The Centre for Neuro Skills

    The Centre for Neuro Skills, a world leader for post-acute brain injury rehabilitation, adopted the flexible Expanse EHR via MEDITECH-as-a-Service (MaaS) to establish a solid data strategy with consolidated workflows for this specialty organization.

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    Fraser Health Authority

    Fraser Health Authority (Surrey, BC) will be one of the first health systems globally to deploy generative AI to assist with clinical documentation in MEDITECH's Expanse EHR, using Google Cloud's Vertex AI and large language models.

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    Blackrock Health Group

    Blackrock Health Group is adopting Expanse as Ireland's first integrated digital engagement platform that will enable connectivity between patients, consultants, and general practitioners.

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    Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi

    Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi is currently LIVE with Expanse at its academic medical center and clinics in Nairobi, Kenya as part of Aga Khan University's global digitization project that will see its seven hospitals and over 340 outreach medical centres fully paperless, including a subsequent deployment in Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Embrace innovation and transformation

    MEDITECH is no stranger to innovation. We are experienced enough to know the value of embracing a thoughtful approach to AI and other emerging technologies, while focusing on tangible benefits rather than hype. Leveraging partnerships with innovators like Google Health and Apple, MEDITECH ensures that customers always have access to the technologies they need to grow and prosper:

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    AI-based solutions like search and summarization (powered by Google Health), Expanse Virtual Assistant, and ambient listening are improving clinical workflows and communication between patients and providers.

    connected communities

    Free-flowing information with Traverse interoperability gives clinicians a holistic view of their patients' medical histories, no matter when or where they have received care.

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    Surveillance, our predictive analytics solution, supports proactive care, highlighting patients who need immediate attention and enabling clinicians to take action.

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    With our Cloud Platform, organizations of any size can extend and enhance their Expanse EHR to include multiple specialties, connect remote sites, and protect patient data.

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    Our integrated, end-to-end Genomics solution gives providers access to their patients' specific DNA data, as well as the precision medicine support tools they need to apply it.

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    Clinicians can maintain easy and convenient communication with your community (even at a distance or between visits) with Expanse Patient Connect, Expanse Virtual Care, and our Patient and Consumer Health Portal.

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    Expanse, enhanced. Through the MEDITECH Alliance partnership program, an ecosystem of vetted, leading-edge organizations collaborate with us on solutions that complement Expanse's capabilities.

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    Innovation grows in our Greenfield Workspace app testing ground. Verified developers test their apps' integration with Expanse to create a choice of solutions that extend access to clinicians and patients.

    Keeping up with physicians and nurses = more team, less work

    Physicians and nurses must work together to coordinate safe, prompt care delivery. Mobile capabilities keep them untethered from clunky computers, while a personalized user experience enables them to see the information they need, exactly the way they want to see it. Give people the connection they want, without the hassle.

    For Physicians

    Expanse Now and our other physician solutions provide physicians with secure, remote access to Expanse EHR, using intuitive mobile device conventions and voice commands on their smartphone or tablet. With these options, doctors can remotely manage routine tasks, while communicating and coordinating care from the palm of their hand.

    For Nurses

    Expanse Point of Care software gives nurses the flexibility to perform the most common interventions whenever and wherever they're needed, through a device that fits in their pocket. In addition, Expanse Patient Care gives clinicians everything they need to stay mobile. Devices and tablets are technologies that they already know and love, and the mobility is a win-win for your organization and patients.

    Reducing clinical burdens with artificial intelligence

    One of the ways that MEDITECH is addressing clinical and physician burdens is through our advancement of AI-based solutions. These innovations are revolutionizing the way care is delivered, saving time while improving the experience of providers and patients. MEDITECH's artificial intelligence offerings include:

    • Expanse search and summarization, powered by Google Health, to pull information from structured and unstructured data – through finely tuned search capabilities and natural language processing – for a longitudinal view of the patient record.
    • Expanse Virtual Assistant, to streamline chart navigation and place orders using simple verbal commands.
    • Ambient listening, to automatically generate clinical visit notes, which may then be reviewed and approved by the physician.
    • Auto-generation of clinical documentation, including the hospital course narrative summary.
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    "Our providers saw an immediate impact upon going live with the search and summarization functionality. They appreciated how they can launch the functionality directly from their Expanse Chart Viewer to get a complete longitudinal view of their patients. Providers were intuitively using the Section Breakdown within hours of going live, to review their provider notes. The solution is already helping to improve their workflow and efficiency.”

    Randy Brandt, PA-C
    Team Lead
    Mile Bluff Medical Center

    Perfecting patient care through interoperability and population health

    Delivering personalized care to your patients requires easy access to their unique data, as well as a big-picture view of your at-risk populations.

    • Traverse interoperability ensures that physicians and nurses can access complete medical histories for their patients, creating a safer and smoother experience for all. MEDITECH also extends beyond local affiliations and regional HIEs to connect all practitioners using CommonWell Health Alliance® and a bridge to Carequality, which supports the exchange of member records with all major EHR vendors. In addition, our work with the Argonaut Project and FHIR®-based APIs enables expanded information sharing across disparate systems.

    • Expanse's population health solutions like Care Compass and Patient and Consumer Health Portal add big-picture clarity for tracking and delivering timely interventions to your at-risk populations. Your providers will have the functionality to support individual patients and help them manage health risks at every stage of life.

    The proof is in the numbers


    Getting the most from predictive analytics & clinical surveillance

    Southern Ohio Medical Center lowers hospital-acquired C. difficile rates by 30%


    Centering patient engagement & experience

    Hancock Health increases patient engagement and reduces no-show rate by 35%


    Improving clinical efficiency

    Major Health Partners sees 30% time savings on home medication verification in the ED


    Securing quality outcomes

    Appalachian Regional Healthcare reduces time to diabetic ketoacidosis resolution by 25%


    Promoting fiscal responsibility

    Howard County Medical Center reduces self-pay debt by 42%

    Balancing quality with long-term sustainability

    If staying independent is one of your goals, you need to know what's going on with your business. Track your quality improvement efforts with Business and Clinical Analytics and build a solid foundation for prosperity with Revenue Cycle. You'll be able to keep the financial side of your organization just as healthy as the clinical side.

    Find out how Deborah Heart and Lung Center is using BCA to uncover actionable insights and help ensure positive outcomes.

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    See for yourself how healthcare organizations are using Expanse, so they can deliver the best care humanly possible.