The Labor and Delivery solution nurses need to welcome their newest patients.

Life's most important transition of care occurs the moment a baby enters the world. With MEDITECH's Expanse Labor and Delivery solution, nurses can keep this transition safe and seamless, from the start of labor through postpartum care.


Easing the nurse workflow.

When the maternity unit gets busy, nursing priorities can shift in a heartbeat. Expanse Labor and Delivery has tools that allow nurses to easily see and trend data to prioritize their workloads and determine where they are most needed at any given time.

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Labor and Delivery Status Board

Nurses can manage their workflows, receive alerts, and seamlessly hand off patients when a labor extends beyond their shift.

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Labor and Delivery Flowsheet

This flexible flowsheet brings all clinical information to the point of documentation, and gives nurses the full perinatal story to guide decisions.

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Expanse Point of Care

With this software, nurses gain mobility to complete their daily tasks while minimizing the EHR navigation that keeps them away from the bedside.

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Ready for the unpredictable.

Making MEDITECH Expanse part of your Labor and Delivery strategy increases patient safety and provides peace of mind, for caregivers and patients alike.


Keep mother and baby closely connected.

The close connection between mother and baby shouldn't end after delivery. Expanse Labor and Delivery keeps mother and baby information linked throughout the entire episode, providing a clear view of their stories even as they transition between care settings. Through single sign-on to the electronic fetal monitor strip, nurses can evaluate trends between mother and baby in one location to provide complementary care for them both. Following birth, nurses can recall information from the mother's record onto the baby's, eliminating duplicate documentation and keeping them connected.

Nurse mobility helps lessen disturbances to new mothers.

Postpartum care is an important time for new families to truly begin to bond. Expanse Point of Care allows Labor and Delivery nurses to quickly check in on both mother and baby in an unobtrusive way. From a smartphone or handheld mobile device, nurses can take vitals, conduct feeding assessments and safely administer medications without even turning on the lights, letting new mothers get some much-needed rest.

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“The continuity of care is great. From mom’s prenatal visits, all the way to the pediatrician, this whole multi-day care experience is seeing benefits.”

Donna Laferriere, RN

Clinical Informaticist at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital (St. Johnsbury, Vermont)

Integration tells the complete patient story.

From prenatal to postpartum care, the entire episode stays connected within MEDITECH's integrated EHR.

Prenatal Care

Maria visits an Ob/Gyn for prenatal care in the months leading up to delivery. Her Ob/Gyn keeps a detailed record of her treatments within Expanse Ambulatory.


When she goes into labor, integration with Expanse Ambulatory bridges the gap between prenatal care and delivery. Nurses have a complete record of Maria's perinatal visits to guide their decisions at the point of delivery and beyond.

C-Section Delivery

Maria's labor takes an unexpected turn and a C-section is required. Her nurses use a Surgical Services link to quickly document her delivery.

Postpartum Care

After delivery, Maria reports for her first postpartum checkup. Maria's pediatrician has a complete record of the 10-month perinatal episode to provide informed postpartum care. The focus then starts to shift from Maria onto her healthy newborn son. Via integration with Expanse Ambulatory and Labor and Delivery, pediatricians will gain access to a complete history of the perinatal episode.

Healthcare organizations can see far-reaching benefits.

  • Improve hand-off communication:

    Securely share information and seamlessly transition patients among nurses as shifts change.

  • Enhance continuity of care:

    Access prenatal information from MEDITECH Ambulatory, or access other-vendor prenatal solutions through a variety of interoperability options.

  • Identify at-risk patients:

    Quickly identify high-risk pregnancies and enhance patient safety with MEDITECH's surveillance indicators.

  • Reduce readmissions:

    Prepare patients for their return home using Patient Discharge Instructions, Medication Management, the Patient Portal, and follow-up calls.

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