Transforming healthcare amid staffing shortages: A case study of Southern Ohio Medical Center’s e-prescribing initiative

Southern Ohio Medical Center sought to improve its overall rate of electronic prescribing, and it used data to focus training efforts.

Many healthcare organizations face staffing shortages – but it’s the response to these shortages that separates success from failure. Are these shortages viewed as an excuse to put off important quality improvement efforts, or as an opportunity to develop innovation to help reduce staff burden.


At Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC), its mission is to pursue projects that can make a difference in the lives of patients, employees and the surrounding community. The organization focuses efforts on five strategic values — these include achieving and sustaining exceptional results in safety, quality of care, service, teamwork and financial performance.


Through many of its projects, SOMC found that by incorporating innovations in automation, clinical decision support and analytics, it could improve both quality and efficiency. And, one important element in providing high-quality patient care is the widespread adoption of e-prescribing.


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