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New Victoria Hospital selects MEDITECH Expanse to advance patient-centric care

London-based independent private hospital to improve interoperability and efficiency with web-based MEDITECH Expanse EPR.

Ranked one of London’s top private hospitals by patients, New Victoria Hospital (London, UK) has signed for MEDITECH Expanse to advance care delivery and remain competitive in a rapidly changing healthcare market. The new web-based EPR will provide a more complete and easier-to-navigate digital patient record, while improving efficiencies and enabling better clinical outcomes.

“Technology is vital to the future of healthcare,” said New Victoria Hospital CEO David Marshall. “Implementing Expanse puts our hospital in good stead for the next ten years. Our partnership with MEDITECH will empower us to use digital tools and technology like AI to continue to grow our business in an increasingly challenging world.”

New Victoria Hospital selected MEDITECH Expanse after a lengthy evaluation of EPR systems in Europe and the United States. The organisation assessed systems on functionality, longevity, cost, and reputation, and determined that Expanse was the best platform to support its goals for improving clinician and patient experiences. 

“Clinicians are using electronic systems in their NHS hospitals as well as their own practises, and expect to be able to share data electronically,” said Dr Peter Willson, Medical Director, New Victoria Hospital. “The implementation of Expanse will deliver a more complete patient record, enabling us to provide more comprehensive and informed care to our community.”

New Victoria Hospital’s Expanse EPR will be hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through MEDITECH UK. The subscription-based solution will provide the hospital with more sustainable services at a predictable cost by eliminating the need for an on-site data centre and reducing the complexity and cost of procuring and maintaining an EPR and managing overhead expenses. 

The solution will enable the organisation to accelerate its implementation timeline with unmatched ease and afford them the freedom to focus its resources on patient care, productivity, and regulatory demands. The secure, cloud-hosted infrastructure is designed to protect systems and their data, providing added peace of mind. 

One of New Victoria Hospital’s aims is to leverage the EPR to streamline processes and reduce clinical workloads. They determined that Expanse’s intuitive software and personalised workflows would be integral in achieving this goal by improving physician efficiencies. Another way the platform will enable them to meet their objectives is through the integration of clinical decision support. By providing clinicians with timely and actionable insights at the point of care, Expanse will ensure the highest quality standards are in place to provide safe, effective services across all regulated activities.

The Expanse EPR will also strengthen New Victoria Hospital’s patient engagement efforts with the introduction of a patient portal. This portal will enable patients to access their health data along with an array of time-saving features, including electronic forms and questionnaires. 

Marshall added that the increased interoperability of Expanse will enable the charity-owned organisation to continue to be competitive as one of the few remaining independent hospitals in the country.

“The private healthcare market is changing rapidly, and interoperability is essential,” Marshall said. “Patients and insurers will soon be able to book outpatient appointments from websites not owned by New Victoria, so we need a platform that can support these advancements. Expanse is that platform.”

MEDITECH UK and Ireland Executive General Manager Charlotte Scott says that the extension of New Victoria Hospital’s long-term relationship with MEDITECH bodes well for the future. 

“Our organisations have a shared commitment to delivering exceptional patient care,” she said. “It’s exciting to see this partnership moving forward, and to anticipate all the benefits that New Victoria Hospital and MEDITECH will achieve together.”

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