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MEDITECH South Africa celebrates 40 years of transforming healthcare around the globe

Please join us in congratulating everyone at MEDITECH South Africa on their 40 years of success.

Throughout 2022 we enjoyed highlighting the 40th anniversary of MEDITECH South Africa and their commitment to improving healthcare outcomes across the globe. Last September, several executives and staff from MEDITECH South Africa, along with others from our international teams, came together to celebrate the occasion with their U.S. colleagues. 

Charlotte Jackson, Global CEO of MEDITECH International, kicked off the ceremony by highlighting the achievements of founder John Tresling. “Forty years ago, John established MEDITECH South Africa, a company that has grown not only on the continent of Africa but on five continents around the world.” 

As part of the ceremony, Jackson gifted a sculpture of five bronze African wild dogs by South African artist Donald Tomlinson to MEDITECH President and CEO Michelle O’Connor. The commissioned piece symbolizes our collective past, what we’ve learned from one another, and how by effectively working together, we are successful in our pursuits.

She also presented staff with a token of appreciation representing Africa’s iconic baobab tree, otherwise known as the Tree of Life. “Our branches may grow in different directions but our root remains the same,” she said.  

With a proven partnership spanning four decades, MEDITECH, Inc. (MTUSA) and MEDITECH South Africa (MTSA) have worked successfully on joint projects in various parts of the world. This close working relationship has extended to a larger MEDITECH International organization that includes MEDITECH Asia Pacific and MEDITECH UK and Ireland.

Locally, MEDITECH South Africa works with numerous hospitals, clinics, blood banks, and laboratories across Africa and the Middle East. By tailoring the technology to address the specific infrastructure and resource challenges of each region, they’ve been able to establish a wide global customer base.

“It’s an honour to celebrate this milestone anniversary with MEDITECH South Africa,” said MTUSA Executive Director of International Sales Gina Kerley. “We’re extremely proud of all they’ve accomplished and look forward to their continuous journey to transform healthcare in communities around the world.” 

Please join us in congratulating everyone at MEDITECH South Africa on their 40 years of success. 


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