MEDITECH EVP and COO Helen Waters

MEDITECH’s EVP and COO Helen Waters interviewed by HIStalk

MEDITECH EVP and COO Helen Waters was recently interviewed by HISTalk, a leading healthcare industry publication.

MEDITECH EVP and COO Helen Waters was recently interviewed by the leading healthcare blog, HIStalk. The interview focused on the key developments MEDITECH had invested in, technological advancements to address widespread industry issues, and competition within the marketplace.

Here are five key takeaways from this interview:

  1. Excitement for Expanse: At MEDITECH, we are excited about where we sit today in terms of the future of the industry and innovation. The decision to rewrite the platform, expand beyond the hospital into Ambulatory, and create one integrated but open EHR has made all the difference. 

Innovation is happening at an increasingly rapid pace, and there’s clearly an opportunity for good augmentation of electronic health records. We wanted Expanse to be a platform that would be open and capable of plug-and-play with other tool sets that our customers would have the choice to want to acquire and use. SMART on FHIR and open APIs are key aspects of Expanse. That has driven a lot of interest in the platform. Choice will be good for healthcare. 

  1. MEDITECH’s Approach to AI: The collaboration between MEDITECH and Google started long before conversations about generative AI became mainstream. We had a vision for what AI and LLMs could do for healthcare, which initiated our work with Google to embed the intelligent search and summarization capabilities into Expanse. 
  2. Ambient Listening is Already Happening: The capabilities of ambient listening to use voice to generate a summary of the encounter will tremendously impact the physician and patient experience. Our customers are already using many different types of AI in care delivery, and we are optimistic about the promise of this technology.
  3.  Our Competitive Edge: Customers find the full integration of Expanse attractive, and to the market, the concept of partnering with the industry to solve problems is particularly appealing.
  4. What HCA Says to the Industry: When you look at HCA, they have MEDITECH, Oracle Cerner, and Epic. We were fortunate to win their confidence and trust for the future as they began large-scale implementations of Expanse throughout their organization. They are incredibly invested in technology and innovation as a transformative driver to care, and we are delighted to be their partner in that journey.

Read the full interview on HIStalk to learn how MEDITECH harnesses the innovative drive in today’s healthcare industry, prepares for the future, and remains a competitive force in the EHR vendor playing field.


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