MEDITECH International Selects MedPower for Mobile EHR Training

MEDITECH International has selected MedPower to develop and deliver Expanse training via their innovative mobile microlearning platform.

MEDITECH International selects MedPower, LLC, a leading cloud-based eLearning solution provider, to develop and deliver MEDITECH Expanse training to providers in their expanding network of hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.
As MEDITECH expands its global presence, it remains committed to providing mobile, web-based EHR solutions that help to reduce provider burnout by improving efficiency and enabling providers to spend more time focused on patient care. Accordingly, MEDITECH International has selected MedPower to develop and deliver Expanse training via their innovative mobile microlearning platform.

MedPower takes time-consuming classroom training and breaks it down into short microlearning segments and videos that hold the providers attention. It’s a more engaging, intuitive, and effective way to learn Expanse that leads to greater proficiency, lower burnout, and higher overall satisfaction. Plus, MedPower’s simple and powerful mobile learning solution (LMS) enables providers to complete training on their own time, from anywhere, using any device, which can save hospitals hundreds of classroom training hours.

“We believe the best place for a physician or clinician is with their patients, not in a classroom or in front of a computer. That’s why we selected MedPower. Their mobile eLearning system is a fantastic complement to Expanse -- enabling providers to learn on the go and saving our hospital partners hundreds of classroom training hours,” said MEDITECH International CEO Charlotte Jackson. “Further, we believe their microlearning approach to systems training will enable our new partners to get up to speed faster, while also providing a valuable at-the-elbow resource that enables providers to reference targeted microlearning videos as-needed post go-live.”

“It’s increasingly difficult for hospitals to train physicians on all the new systems and technology they’re using. Busy providers simply don’t have time to get pulled into classroom training to learn about every update or upgrade,” said Brian Haggerty, CEO of MedPower. “Our custom microlearning system was designed exclusively to serve Healthcare providers - making it simple and easy to learn and master the systems they work with every day. Expanse is a powerful EHR platform and we’re committed to ensuring every MEDITECH customer takes full advantage of its capabilities.”

MEDITECH has driven EHR innovation during every stage of the industry's evolution. Today we’re helping healthcare organizations around the world expand their vision for what an EHR can be, with MEDITECH Expanse — the first fully web-based solution to boost clinical and organizational efficiency while enhancing physician, nurse, and patient satisfaction. MEDITECH software is used by a quarter of all U.S. hospitals, nearly half of all Canadian hospitals, and healthcare organizations in 23 countries. Learn more about how we power the best care possible in every setting by visiting our Global, News, and Blog pages, and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to start your journey today.

About MedPower
MedPower, LLC is a provider of cloud-hosted, custom SaaS eLearning solutions for the Healthcare industry.  The company is helping hospitals, physicians and nurses by offering on-demand custom-developed microlearning training programs for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) adoption, medical ERP systems, hospital and practice workflow management, and administrative functions. Customers are able to realize cost savings and significant performance efficiencies through the use of MedPower’s mobile microlearning services. For more information, visit

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