MEDITECH customers, staff headed to Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2024

MEDITECH staff and customers will participate in a wide ranging discussion about how healthcare leaders can fully optimize their EHR at the KLAS Arch Collaborative Learning Summit, July 17-19 in Salt Lake City, UT.


Join MEDITECH and our customers for a wide ranging discussion regarding how healthcare leaders can fully optimize their EHR at the KLAS Arch Collaborative Learning Summit, July 17-19 in Salt Lake City, UT. 

The Arch Collaborative brings healthcare organizations together to identify areas of opportunity and best practices for health IT deployment. Through curation of industry-wide benchmarks supplied by users and vendors alike, KLAS aims to inspire a “circle of innovation” with the end goal of increasing EHR satisfaction.

"Through our participation in the Arch Collaborative, we have been able to better assist our customers in addressing industry-wide concerns and eliminating pain points,” notes MEDITECH Associate Vice President Christine Parent. “We look forward to showcasing our accomplishments and those of our innovative customers, who have established themselves as thought leaders on the topic of using the EHR to drive positive outcomes for their patients, providers, and organizations.”

Henry County Hospital CEO Kristi Barnd will be presenting a session on “The EHR and Provider Satisfaction” on July 17 at 9 a.m., with a repeat session to follow at 10. MEDITECH Director of Client Services Kim Fischer and Director of MaaS Implementation Liz Zani will lead a breakout session on July 18, and Dr. Priscilla Frase, CMIO of Ozarks Healthcare (West Plains, MO), will deliver the event’s keynote address on July 19. 

Frase recalls that she first learned about the Arch Collaborative in 2018 at the MEDITECH Physician and CIO Forum, where former KLAS Vice President Taylor Davis gave a presentation about his organization and its methods for gathering information about EHR satisfaction.

At the time, Ozarks Healthcare was in the midst of migrating to Expanse, which required unifying its data infrastructure from three separate EHRs. 

“I very much wanted to join the Arch Collaborative so that we could gather data from our EHR systems that were in place at the time prior to our Expanse implementation, with the intention of being able to remeasure after go-live, and have yet another metric to show that the decision to go to a unified EHR was the right decision for us,” explains Frase. “It was also important to have data presented so we could not only see the raw numbers of how satisfaction improved or did not improve, but we could have that benchmarking capability to other organizations, which was important to me.”

Ozarks Healthcare joined the Arch Collaborative in 2019 and conducted its first survey that year, prior to going live with Expanse. After delaying its next survey to 2021 because of the pandemic, Ozarks Healthcare has continued on an every other year cadence with follow-up surveys.

“The results were quite impressive,” says Frase. “In our initial survey, provider satisfaction was in the 15th percentile, and in the second one we were at the 85th percentile.” 

Frase, winner of the 2024 HIMSS Changemaker in Health Award in the category of HIMSS Senior Executive, notes that her participation in this year’s Learning Summit reflects her growth as a professional in appreciating the potential of EHRs to improve provider satisfaction and, ultimately, patient care. 

“The principles that the Arch Collaborative stands for are what I used to take myself from a place of denial towards a place of acceptance with EHRs,” Frase explains. “So many things about my career have been summed up in the principals the Arch Collaborative puts forth, so it's kind of the icing on the cake, so to speak. To be asked to be a keynote speaker from a small, independent, rural healthcare organization is something that I would have never thought possible.”

KLAS Arch Collaborative members can register here for the 2024 Learning Summit, and find more information on the FAQ page

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