MEDITECH Celebrates 30 years in the UK

MEDITECH celebrates 30 years of advancing digital healthcare in the UK

For three decades, MEDITECH UK has worked with organisations in the public and private sector to provide safer and more efficient patient care.

MEDITECH is celebrating its 30th anniversary of supporting healthcare in the United Kingdom. During that time, the EPR supplier has worked with organisations across the UK in both the public and private sector to provide safer and more efficient patient care through MEDITECH UK.

Today, MEDITECH UK customers continue to drive change across the UK through their innovative use of technology, which has earned them numerous industry accolades. Two of the three Trusts in the UK which have achieved HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 inpatient certification use MEDITECH.

“MEDITECH has played an integral role in our journey to becoming an NHS healthcare leader,” said Andy Hart, Director of Information Management and Technology, South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust.

“By leveraging their EPR to provide safe and high quality care, our Trust has become the first within the NHS to achieve all requirements of the national Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme, and the first hospital in the North of England to be awarded HIMSS Stage 7. We look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with MEDITECH and to advancing care as we move forward with Expanse.”

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital joins Sunderland as one of the first to achieve all requirements of the national Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme, as well as being the first paediatric hospital in Europe to reach HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 inpatient certification. Like Sunderland, Alder Hey has solidified their partnership with MEDITECH for years to come by implementing MEDITECH’s Expanse platform.

Another MEDITECH customer in the UK to be recognised for its digital transformation efforts is The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, which was selected in the first wave of the Digital Aspirant programme.

“As a valued partner, MEDITECH has a straightforward and efficient approach to meeting our evolving needs. They’ve been able to address our interoperability initiatives throughout our Integrated Care system, region, and the NHS,” said James Rawlinson, Director of Health Informatics, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

“MEDITECH’s use of HL7 and FHIR industry standards provides us with a tremendous amount of flexibility, so we can customise and mould our clinical and business workflows to better serve our patients, community, and the Trust.”

MEDITECH’s commitment to innovation and partnership have reinforced its long term customer relationships in the UK. Many of its customers are now looking to adopt MEDITECH’s Expanse EPR, an integrated web-based platform that is delivering a comfortable, personalised, untethered experience to improve clinician productivity, as well as foster an improved patient-provider relationship.

“It is an honour to be celebrating 30 years in the United Kingdom as we help drive healthcare technology forward for the benefit of patients and their providers,” said Charlotte Jackson, CEO, MEDITECH UK.

“In many ways, this is just the beginning for us as several of our customers are continuing their journey with us to the Expanse platform and more will be joining. The opportunities our web- and cloud-based technology provides are significant, and we are excited to continue to make an impact in the NHS and private health organisations.”

MEDITECH UK celebrates this successful milestone in affiliation with US-based company MEDITECH. MEDITECH supports the UK market by delivering, implementing, and servicing cutting-edge technology that provides instant access to records, knowledge, and data while empowering patients to take an active role in their care. Today, the company has more than 2,200 customers in 25 countries.

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