Thomson Medical Singapore modernises healthcare delivery with MEDITECH Expanse

Thomson Medical , a leading private healthcare provider for women and children in Singapore, recently went live with MEDITECH’s Expanse EMR at its specialty hospital Thomson Medical Centre.

Thomson Medical , a leading private healthcare provider for women and children in Singapore, recently went live with MEDITECH’s Expanse EMR at its specialty hospital Thomson Medical Centre. The organisation selected Expanse after an in-depth evaluation of multiple IT platforms based on usability, interoperability, and digital enablement.

With the medical centre’s focus on maternity care, Thomson Medical required a solution that would help to ensure the enhanced comfort and safety of mothers and babies as they transition between pre- and post-partum care. Features such as the link with fetal heart monitor allowing for more efficient clinical documentation and data review, as well as benefits such as enhanced coordinated care and productivity where clinical information is shared effectively and stored securely, were key factors in its decision.

The specialty hospital was meticulous in its selection process, bringing in multiple stakeholders that included clinicians, IT professionals, and administrative staff. According to Mr Lee Suen Ming, CEO, Thomson Medical Singapore, other chief considerations included usability and mobility, as well as system interoperability. 

“We needed a system that could ensure compliance with healthcare standards, have the ability to integrate with other hospital systems, and deliver seamless integration with Singapore’s National Electronic Health Record in the near future,” said Mr Lee Suen Ming. 

“Ultimately, we determined that Expanse is the best choice to achieve our strategic goals and   reflect our mission, which is to deliver exceptional healthcare services solutions of the highest quality.”  

According to MEDITECH Asia Pacific Managing Director Douglas Murray, Thomson Medical’s journey to carefully select and implement a robust EMR solution is a testament to its commitment to improving healthcare delivery. “Their EMR journey sets the standard for others to follow,” he said. “It reflects a broader trend in the healthcare industry towards embracing digital solutions that include a flexible platform to meet the complex demands of modern medicine.”  

Thomson Medical is already looking to the future and seeking to leverage the power of its Expanse EMR to the fullest. It is currently in the early stages of a project that will integrate the various medical devices used throughout the hospital into the Expanse EMR to further streamline the patient data collection process and deliver even greater efficiencies, resulting in better care and more satisfied patients. 

“We are honoured to be part of Thomson Medical’s digital transformation,” said MEDITECH Asia Pacific Program Director Janine Antcliffe. “We strive to deliver world-class technology that drives quality care through clinical and operational efficiencies, and ultimately improves the patient experience.”

About Thomson Medical 
Established in 1979, Thomson Medical Pte Ltd is one of the largest private providers of healthcare services for women and children in Singapore. It owns and operates the iconic Thomson Medical Centre and a network of more than 35 specialist medical clinics and facilities providing outpatient women and children healthcare services and service offerings in diagnostic imaging, health screening, gynaecological fertility, oncology, dentistry, specialist dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine, musculoskeletal and sports medicine. 

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