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MEDITECH and MedPower announce online training partnership

MedPower delivers MEDITECH-certified online training that makes it easy for physicians, nurses, and staff to learn Expanse.

MEDITECH, a healthcare vendor best known for its Expanse web-based, fully integrated, interoperable electronic health record (EHR), is pleased to announce that it has partnered with MedPower to develop and deliver a comprehensive catalog of role-based, interactive online training courses and MedPower Smart Tips to support Expanse users throughout their lifecycle.  

“MedPower simplifies the training process for providers, nurses, and staff throughout the organization so they can access role-based courses to master key workflows and features, giving them more time to care for their patients,” said MEDITECH Vice President of Client Services Carol Labadini. “MedPower enables all of our Expanse users to have a more personalized and engaging learning experience.”

MEDITECH provides Expanse users with training and support to master the solution and take full advantage of its features. Leveraging the MedPower platform, MEDITECH makes it easy for Expanse users to learn best practices and stay up to date on the latest priority pack updates and upgrades.

As MEDITECH’s online training partner, MedPower offers a complete set of eLearning tools and certified training content to support onboarding, reporting, and just-in-time training. The role-based courses and Smart Tips developed by MedPower ensure that every user gets a learning experience tailored for their position.

MedPower gives Expanse users a personalized eLearning dashboard with one-click access to the latest Expanse courses, classroom sessions, and training updates. Users can track and report on completion status, assessments, certifications, and more.

“It’s increasingly difficult for hospitals to train physicians on all the new systems and technology they’re using, and busy providers don’t have time to get pulled into the classroom every time there’s a new update or upgrade,” said MedPower CEO Brian Haggerty. “MedPower was designed specifically to meet the needs of busy healthcare providers, making it easy to learn and master the systems they work with every day. Expanse is a powerful EHR platform, and we’re committed to ensuring that MEDITECH users know how to take full advantage of its capabilities.”

About MedPower

MedPower is a leading provider of cloud-hosted eLearning solutions for the healthcare industry. The company is helping healthcare leaders like Steward Health Care, Aga Khan University Hospitals, Frederick Health and hundreds of others by providing comprehensive, role-based training to physicians, nurses and staff. From onboarding to post go-live support, MedPower delivers targeted training via innovative web and mobile applications where and when it’s needed most. MedPower specializes in microlearning training programs for Electronic Health Records (EHR), medical ERP systems, hospital and practice workflow management, and administrative functions. Customers can realize significant cost savings and performance efficiencies using MedPower’s advanced online training and applications. 

For more information, visit medpower.com.

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