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Expanse Transport provides integrated, automated EHR workflows for transporting patients and equipment

Expanse Transport is a modern solution providing newly integrated and automated EHR workflows for transporting patients and equipment.

MEDITECH is proud to announce the release of Expanse Transport - a modern solution that provides integrated and automated EHR workflows associated with transporting patients, equipment, and other items within a healthcare organization. It includes an app for Transport staff that streamlines processes and communication to improve patient throughput, positively impacting care as well as the satisfaction of patients and hospital staff. 

Transport improves both the user and patient experience by: 

  • Increasing the efficiency of transport staff and dispatchers via auto assignment of transport requests
  • Providing patients with smooth, timely transitions that reduce wait times as well as increase satisfaction of patients and care teams
  • Eliminating the need for third party systems or reliance on manual processes through integration with application/user workflows.

Expanse Transport also makes it easier to leverage analytics with its real-time, interactive centralized tracker. Staff productivity/statistical reporting also provides insights that can help improve quality of care. 

The Expanse Transport app for transporters will be available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones via MEDITECH Cloud Platform. Learn more about how Transport increases efficiency and transparency, while reducing manual work across departments.

Read more about Expanse Transport: a modern solution that is reliable and always at your service.