ELLKAY features MEDITECH's Helen Waters in Women in Health IT series

Healthcare connectivity company ELLKAY recently published an interview with MEDITECH Vice President Helen Waters.


MEDITECH Executive Vice President Helen Waters was recently highlighted by ELLKAY in their Women in IT series. In the interview, Waters addressed a wide range of topics including: innovation, industry challenges, and the future of healthcare IT.

Waters offered insight into what has made MEDITECH successful for more than 50 years: Continued growth, collaboration, and focus on enhancing patient care. She acknowledged the healthcare industry is being challenged in multiple areas with COVID-19 and provided ways in which MEDITECH has helped support its customers such as Virtual Visits, remote implementations, supporting new remote testing sites, and tracking and reporting vaccine administrations.

In addition to addressing industry trends and issues, Waters shared some personal experiences that drew her to working in healthcare IT and the passion that drives her.

“Each time one of our customers tells me about how our solution helped them save lives, lower costs, or simply made their lives easier, it is the most rewarding part of my day,” Waters said.

ELLKAY is a nationwide leader in healthcare connectivity, providing solutions that solve the challenges our partners face in today’s data-rich world. Women In Health IT is a digital health series featuring interviews of women leaders in Healthcare Technology. Each interview is focused on celebrating their passions, achievements, and contributions to the healthcare community.

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