Combatting the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 is altering life across the world and directly impacting healthcare systems in an unprecedented manner. MEDITECH has been engaged and monitoring this situation for several weeks, working with our customers and staff to address this situation in a spirit of optimism and partnership.

Our internal COVID-19 Team has set up best practices to ensure efficient communication and disseminate guidance documents and decision support to our customers. That work is ongoing and additional steps will continue to be taken in support of customers and our MEDITECH team members. We have approached this unique situation by assessing data capture, COVID-19 screening specific templates, the use of sophisticated Status Boards, Surveillance, Patient Registries, and Business and Clinical Analytics dashboards and data extraction feeds. Equally important are the communication vehicles of secure messaging within the EHR, interoperability, and the electronic integration of critical patient monitor data.

Perhaps our biggest project has been the deployment of Virtual Visit capability integrated into our EHR. This enables MEDITECH healthcare systems to manage the growing volume of patients seeking clinical assessment, while helping to soothe fears of further spread or overwhelming care facilities. We will do whatever is needed to help serve the goal of every provider organization during this challenging time, which is to ensure that patients who are in need receive care as quickly and safely as possible.

We will continue to update our website and customer portal with new findings, frequently asked questions, and news from customers on how they are managing and adjusting to these rapidly changing conditions. We are working in partnership with MUSE and participating in COVID-19 EHR discussion groups, as well as creating a series of MEDITECH-driven, virtual Call-to-Action seminars to help us all stay connected as a community.

Communication and support for each other are the bedrock principles for our company. Being agile and responsive to the needs of customers, the healthcare industry, and our staff is the priority. We salute the frontline healthcare workforce across the globe, which is working tirelessly and selflessly to combat this pandemic. 

MEDITECH is committed to supporting our customers, partners, and staff through these demanding times. We are optimistic that the situation will improve in the near future, if we all do our part. Please check back for more updates in the coming days.