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Achieving true interoperability with MEDITECH Traverse

Learn about interoperability technology that optimizes the care delivery experience, with resources and events coming in 2023.

With MEDITECH’s interoperability solution, Expanse Traverse, physicians are stepping into the future and breaking through healthcare barriers. Built into our web-based EHR, Traverse allows users to connect on a whole new level to simplify workflows and prevent care gaps. No matter where a patient receives care, a complete snapshot of their history helps clinicians make the best medical decisions.

“As health systems see the value of interoperability, they expect their technology partners to support them by providing intuitive and streamlined workflows that reduce the data burden,” says Mike Cordeiro, MEDITECH’s senior director of interoperability market and product strategy. “Especially as technology and standards continue to evolve.”

Utilizing CommonWell and other accessible data sources, MEDITECH Traverse efficiently moves information through the healthcare landscape so physicians have access to reliable, up-to-date patient data. If a patient is unable to give their history, clinicians can still provide excellent value-based care as essential PHI flows directly into their workflow.

An interoperable EHR also benefits patients by allowing them to view their medical records via a patient portal, which puts them in control of their own medical story. Secure data sharing builds a foundation of trust between a physician and patient while simultaneously upholding excellent care standards.

You can experience MEDITECH Traverse in action at multiple events this year. Our 2023 Expanse Winter Showcase expands on and deepens knowledge of our Expanse platform, including tools like Traverse. This virtual showcase will take place on February 1, and you can reserve your spot online.

MEDITECH will also participate at the HIMSS’ interoperability showcase in Chicago where attendees can watch a LIVE demo of our Traverse solution. The event takes place April 17-21 and registration is now open. You can also visit us at booth #2848 to learn more about our comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Join MEDITECH for an immersive dive into Expanse, and learn how the platform elevates care for both patients and providers.