Virtual Event

Learn the benefits of creating a nursing optimization group from Boone Health during SINI2023.

If you are attending SINI2023, be sure to tune in for Boone Health’s poster presentation, Optimization Groups: The Power of Nurse and IT Collaboration, on Thursday, July 20, at 5:15 p.m. EDT. Alison Smith, BSN, RN, manager of IS operations and IT clinical project manager, will be discussing the value of Boone’s PCS Optimization Group. 

Viewers will learn how the group assists in system changes and key decision making. Smith will also share the benefits of regular communication between clinical and IT staff, as well as the importance of IT availability for frequent troubleshooting.

Boone Health’s collaborative efforts between nurses and IT staff has led to an optimized EHR that enables clinicians to spend more time with the patient and, in turn, create more positive health outcomes. Learn more during this poster session.

Looking to explore the disruptive forces affecting our industry and brainstorm real-world solutions? Join us for MEDITECH LIVE 23, at our Foxborough Conference Center on September 20-22.

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