2022 MUSE Inspire Conference

Dallas, TX

View the keynote address from the 2022 MUSE Inspire Conference.

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star icon View the conference keynote address, Looking to the Future of Digital Healthcare and MEDITECH, from MEDITECH President and CEO Michelle O'Connor, and Executive Vice President and COO Helen Waters.

Attend one of our pre-conference workshops on Sunday, May 15, for in-depth set-up and guidance on using the Expanse EHR. Visit the Education Sessions tab for more information.

Check out the Featured Sessions tab to learn which MEDITECH-led sessions you can expect at the event.

We’re excited to be back in person at the 2022 MUSE Inspire Conference. During the four-day event, you’ll learn from your peers and MEDITECH executives about how Expanse is the EHR that evolves along with the needs of your organization, your providers, and your community. This year, you'll find a dedicated MEDITECH space for solution-specific demonstrations from physicians and nurses, as well as representatives from MEDITECH Professional Services in booth #431 on the conference floor.

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    Education Sessions

    Visit MUSE's Pre-Conference Workshops page for additional details and to register. Note: This session registration is separate from the main conference registration

    9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

    Opening the Digital Front Door with Pre-Registration and Self Check-In
    Jessica Haller, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal offers consumers the ability to pre-register for their appointment; submit questionnaires, update and/or confirm demographics, PFSH, medications, allergies, as well as scan new photo IDs and insurance cards, pay expected co-pays; and electronically sign any necessary consent forms. Self Check-In offers a completely automated pre-registration and check-in process, all from the consumer’s own device, providing a quicker, more streamlined arrival experience, thus increasing patient satisfaction and throughput at the organization. The data captured during pre-registration can be reconciled by the appropriate users in the clinic/hospital setting. Once the data is consumed, clinicians will have the most up-to-date information that can be used in their documentation, assessment, notes, and letters, thus removing the need for manual entry of this data.

    1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    MEDITECH’s EHR Excellence Toolkit Program Workshop - Obstetric Hemorrhage and Antimicrobial Stewardship
    Alana Commendatore, RN, Supervisor, Clinical Excellence & Physician Service, Professional Services, MEDITECH
    This workshop will help you understand the fundamentals of the Obstetric Hemorrhage and Antimicrobial Stewardship EHR Excellence Toolkits. You will also learn how our new and existing EHR Toolkit topics provide your organizations with evidence-based guidance and embedded clinical decision support (CDS) to accelerate quality improvement efforts at your organization. Details on the recommended implementation process for the Antimicrobial Stewardship and Obstetric Hemorrhage toolkits will be covered, walking you through the steps your organization can follow to integrate these toolkits into your quality initiatives.


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  • Featured Sessions

    These are the MEDITECH-led sessions you'll find at this year's MUSE Inspire Conference. For more information on these and all sessions offered, please visit the MUSE Educational Topics Areas page.

    Precision Medicine: Changing the Face of Healthcare in Every Community
    Jennifer Ford, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

    The Evolution of LIS: Moving to the Future   
    Jennifer Ford, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

    Introducing Care Compass
    Rachel Wilkes, Senior Manager, Product Management, MEDITECH

    Virtual Care: The Welcome Mat to Your Digital Front Door
    Jessica Haller, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Rehab Therapy: A Vision for the Patient’s Journey
    Rebecca Lancaster, Senior Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

    Expanse Oncology Today and Our Journey as We Prepare for the Next Generation of Cancer Care
    Scott Godbout, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH 

    Expanse Now and Mobility
    Rebecca Lancaster, Senior Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

    Cloud Services
    Rebecca Lancaster, Senior Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

    Closing the Referral Loop
    Sandra Greene, Marketing Solutions Manager, MEDITECH

    How CommonWell Helps Organizations Achieve their Interoperability Goals
    Mike Cordeiro, Director, Interoperability Market & Product Strategy, MEDITECH
    Rebecca Lancaster, Senior Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

    Expanse Patient Care Demonstration 
    Timothy Zaifides, Senior Marketing Solutions Analyst, MEDITECH


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