MEDITECH's Physician Productivity

With MEDITECH, physicians can focus on their patients, not their EHR.

Our Web EHR’s user-friendly design increases efficiency and supports physicians, no matter what care setting they’re in.

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MEDITECH Web EHR Patient Screen

In the office.

With help from practicing physicians, MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory solution was created specifically for the office setting. Physicians will experience an easy-to-use design that’s integrated with the full EHR, featuring:

  • An intuitive, easy to navigate, patient list
  • 25 general widgets and 60 speciality choices for a personalized display
  • Simplified ordering through user defined favorites, order sets, and protocols
  • Actionable patient registries.
MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory product adds value to the patient experience. It shifts the clinician’s focus away from the computer system and back to the patient.

Stephen M. Cohen, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS

Greenbrier Valley Medical Center

In the ED.

For emergency room physicians, every second counts. With MEDITECH 6.1, physicians save time and increase productivity with one centralized patient record, guaranteeing that they have all the information they need at their fingertips with:

  • A results indicator feed and color coded visual indicators
  • Intuitive sign out functionality, allowing for smooth patient handoffs
  • ED discharge information that begins compiling from the minute your patient enters the ED
  • A customized workflow using “My Normals” and “My Typical Exam.”
MEDITECH Web EHR Patient Screen

Dramatically increase your speed and efficiency.

Video Covershot

Our Web Ambulatory solution runs on a tablet so you can document a patient visit faster than ever. Hear from Andrew Burchett, DO, at Avera Health as he describes a comparison study demonstrating the speed and efficiency of our Web Ambulatory solution at their organization.

MEDITECH Web EHR Patient Screen

In the hospital.

Just like ambulatory and ED clinicians, acute care providers using MEDITECH’s Web EHR will find one centralized record of the patient’s story from across the continuum of care, increasing staff efficiency. Productivity increases with:

  • Easy-to-view functionalities that will work for you—a result of including physicians in our development process
  • A mobile design that works on any tablet
  • Speciality-specific content and views that are just a tap or a swipe away.

MEDITECH's Web EHR is the tool your physicians have been waiting for.

Watch It in Action