See the value of an integrated Home Care and Hospice solution.

Support patients through every stage of life, using MEDITECH's integrated Home Care solution with the Expanse EHR. You'll be able to keep patients safe and well-cared for outside traditional acute settings — using home health, telehealth, and hospice features to give patients a personalized experience from the comfort of home.

True integration bridges gaps in care.

Prevent costly readmissions and ED visits with the power of a single, integrated EHR. Expanse helps homecare agencies and hospitals to closely monitor recently-discharged and/or chronically ill patients, and easily exchange information between entities for streamlined transitions and improved care consistency.

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Experience a mobile solution that moves with you.

Using MEDITECH's mobile home care solution, aides and field staff can access their schedules and view patient charts on the move. The easy-to-use solution is accessible via standard web browser on any smart device. Aides can generate more accurate plan-of-care documentation using the solution's structured responses, integrity checks, and simplified documentation tasks.

Access the tools you need to ace your next audit.

Audits have you stressed?
With MEDITECH Home Care, agencies have the tools they need to approach each audit confidently.


The clinical and financial integration of MEDITECH Home Care
creates a checks and balances system to provide accurate financials
and prevent errors in billing.


Our mock surveys, checklists, and comprehensive Audit Guide
are all specially designed to put agencies on the right track
to receive top marks.

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Use management reports to get a bird's eye view.

See how Med Center Health's Director of Home Care uses MEDITECH Home Care management reports to monitor her organization's performance on a daily basis. Clinicians and field staff are also leveraging MEDITECH's task-driven system to improve documentation and provide more informed patient care.

Extend compassionate end-of-life care to patients and families.

MEDITECH's integrated Hospice solution supports patients, families, and hospice staff throughout a sensitive time. While patient care stays consistent, the solution can be customized to reflect the wishes of each patient and family.


take comfort knowing that their
wishes will be reflected
in personalized care plans.


can use the solution to handle complex
hospice admissions, schedule IDT
meetings, and create customizable
care plans.


feel supported with access to bereavement care plans
that facilitate activities and mailings.

Tune in to learn how home care agencies can achieve top quality care and maximum reimbursement.