Home Care

Centered on the patient, not on the process.

With our integrated home care solution clinicians and administrative staff can access everything they need—a full Electronic Health Record, shared MPI, robust documentation, and comprehensive financial and interdisciplinary communication capabilities—online, offline and in line with state and federal regulations. Our task-driven design provides a true workflow engine by directing staff to the next stage in the care cycle—so they don’t miss a step or a deadline.

We provide a complete solution to support your:

  • Home Health Field Staff
  • Hospice Staff
  • Billers
  • Coordinators/QA Staff/Managers/Administrators
  • Hospital Staff
  • Home Care Leadership

Home Health Field Staff

Patient records travel with you. Care providers can use mobile devices to access full patient records, document data, and tailor care plans on the fly. No online access? No problem. Staff can securely download records to mobile devices and later upload post-visit updates to our Home Care solution, maximizing patient face time and minimizing retrospective documentation. In addition, aides are able to document patient care and field staff can view their schedules for the day, week, or month right from their smartphones. At the touch of a button, staff can quickly see a summary of patient information including medications, physician, and contacts.

Dropdown menus and point-and-click templates simplify documentation, while standard protocols and OASIS integrity checks guide best practices. Care providers can trend progress across visits and attach photos to a patient’s record to review visual progression of wounds or other conditions.

Hospice Staff

A sensitive care situation deserves a sensitive EHR solution. Our Hospice solution has you covered from referral and designation of benefit periods through bereavement. Hospice-specific assessments and charts keep care consistent, while still providing the flexibility to customize documentation to accommodate individual beneficiary and family needs.

Interdisciplinary teams (IDT) keep care coordinated by enabling staff to record and manage meetings and other collaborative efforts. Meanwhile, volunteer management capabilities keep care compassionate by tracking volunteer hours, activities, and interactions with patients. Hospice supports billing by level of care and posts per diem charges to automate the billing cycle.


Bring more accounts to zero balance. Claim management capabilities ensure accurate bill processing to keep A/R days low and payments complete. Automatic charge capture, support for unlimited visit types, and order-driven scheduling simplify the process. Billing conditions for both Home Health and Hospice support compliant billing, ensuring that 485s are sent, orders are signed, CTIs are completed, and face-to-face documents are received. Automated follow-up reminders and notifications keep billers on top of action items so they can complete tasks in a timely fashion.

Coordinators/QA Staff/Managers/Administrators

We help you manage the big picture. Whether you’re a supervisor, an administrator, or a quality assurance specialist—our Home Care solution has you covered. We provide tools for scheduling and assigning tasks, maintaining assessments and clinical protocols, following up on visits, and reporting back to state and federal agencies. The system intelligently pushes assignments to employees and even triggers new tasks based on completion of previous ones. Scheduling is order-driven, minimizing coordinators’ day-to-day responsibilities.

Coordinators can also use the system’s standard content, protocols, and predefined assessments to foster quality, consistent care—or customize these tools based on their agency’s needs. Extracting meaningful data and compiling robust reports is easy with our numerous standard reports and inherent Report Wizard.

Hospital Staff

The benefits of our Home Care solution extend far beyond the home setting. System-wide integration connects the full care team, independent of specialty or location. A shared EHR and MPI ensure that acute and home care clinicians have access to the same patient orders, medications, allergies, vital signs, and visit notes. Streamlined e-Signature and e-Referral capabilities also simplify transitions from one care setting to another. 

Home Care Leadership

MEDITECH’s Telehealth Home Connect empowers patients and caregivers to become more active participants in the care process. Better manage population health by tracking patient statuses and quickly identify trends before they appear in the emergency department. Keep a close watch on your patients from a distance. Home care professionals can easily coordinate patient care with physicians by remotely monitoring metrics, vital signs, and any ongoing conditions.