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Welcome to the Greenfield Workspace!

Come create, share, and grow with us. We invite you to take the next step forward in interoperability using MEDITECH Greenfield Workspace — a testing ground for app developers to test their integration with Expanse. Developers can execute APIs and test their applications against a real MEDITECH EHR. It also gives application developers access to interactive documentation related to our APIs.

What's available in the Greenfield Workspace

  • US Core FHIR R4 APIs: Provides view-only access to patient-facing data after patients give the requesting app authorization to access their data. USCDI V1 and DSTU2/R4 compatible. Additional documentation can be found on our website or in our Workspace web app. Only patient workflows are supported.
  • FHIR Scheduling APIs: Allows organizations who have multiple EHRs, scheduling solutions, and ambulatory practice systems to present patients with a consistent online scheduling experience — regardless of where they are cared for in the organization. User and patient workflows are supported for Expanse customers only.

If you have a request regarding a specific use case not referenced here, please use the Greenfield Workspace Contact form to provide more information regarding your desired API integration. We will contact you with more guidance as our capabilities expand.

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Learn more about MEDITECH Greenfield Workspace — an open space for vendors to test API integration with our Expanse EHR.