How to work in the Greenfield Workspace

Greenfield lays the groundwork for visionaries and innovators to create a better future for providers, patients, and consumers, with technology that connects communities and enables better care. Developers are invited to explore our documentation area to better understand what is available. Access to MEDITECH's API sandbox also enables you to test your apps with APIs currently available, as well as those still being developed without requiring direct customer engagement.

How to register for Greenfield Workspace

As a developer, after submitting your Greenfield Workspace registration request, you will have access to our documentation resources. You will also have the option to develop and test your application as follows:

Explore Greenfield Workspace documentation and web application

Features include:

  • OAuth2 documentation
  • FHIR DSTU2/R4 specs
  • Sample patient data/examples
  • Ability to try sample requests through interactive documentation
  • Access to review JSON payload returned in browser

Next steps

  1. A member of the Greenfield support team will email you a welcome packet including information on how to execute the Greenfield End-User License Agreement (EULA).
  2. MEDITECH requires your Google ID to obtain access to the Greenfield web application and documentation area.
  3. Your email address, if different, is also required to access Jira Service Desk.

    Google ID serves two purposes:

    1. Provides access to our interactive web application and documentation
    2. Serves as our identity provider (IDP) for Greenfield Workspace. This ID is linked to the test patients in the back-end EHR and used during the OAuth flow (Note: MEDITECH customers typically use MEDITECH's Patient Portal as our IDP. Therefore they would log in using their Patient Portal credentials)

Develop and test your application

Features include:

  • Client ID and secret provided for OAuth2 testing and Authorization Code Grant Type testing
  • Ability to hit our DSTU2/R4 endpoints from your application or testing tool

Next steps

  1. Provide the MEDITECH Greenfield support team with a redirect/callback URI to generate an OAuth client ID and secret. We will schedule a brief call with you to provide this information.
  2. Once Greenfield Workspace access is granted, you can review additional documentation, test in Greenfield using your application or testing tool, and submit questions or report issues to our Service Desk.

Greenfield Workspace test patient examples

Greenfield Workspace contains test patient information only and has no connection with any health care organization's actual data. These patient examples can be used within the Greenfield ecosystem. Each patient will work within the Greenfield Workspace testing app or through any software with RESTful API calls.

If you have a request regarding a specific use case not referenced here, please use the Greenfield Contact form to provide more information regarding your desired API integration. We will contact you as our capabilities expand.

black woman's face

Meet Abigail

Abigail has hypertension and was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Name: Abigail Francis
ID: 925293E8-3491-4E2B-9FE1-46310EE776C2
DOB: 05/10/1934
Address: 239 Middle Rd Canton MA 02021
Phone: 508-555-1931

causasian male's face

Meet Tim

Tim has been working with his care team to keep his asthma under control.

Name: Timothy Gibbs
ID: 6E412ED2-6AEC-43A3-8349-B3861751C234
DOB: 09/03/1981
Address: 22 Main St Boston MA 02110
Phone: 781-555-9999

Hispanic woman's face

Meet Raquel

Following a kidney transplant, Raquel has been hospitalized with pneumonia.

Name: Raquel Gregory
ID: 4325226D-91B4-4CA4-847B-A856DA54DEB6
DOB: 10/06/1964
Address: 4525 Island Rd Plymouth MA 02360
Phone: 877-555-7777

In order to make API calls outside of the Workspace testing app, you'll need OAuth credentials. Credentials will be received during registration and acceptance into Greenfield.


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