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Welcome to the Greenfield Workspace Resource Hub, where you can explore information about interoperability features available within the Greenfield ecosystem. You may receive technical support from MEDITECH developers as well as reference our Greenfield Workspace web application for technical API specifications.

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  • What is the value in API integration?

    Standards-based APIs are game changers for interoperable healthcare. By giving providers, patients, and consumers direct access to specific data points through convenient apps, they can see and use information in ways they never could before. Apps give providers more freedom and flexibility to work the way they want to. In addition, consumers will have new vehicles for accessing and interacting with their own health data. The result is healthcare innovation that leads to more satisfying user experiences for all.

  • Which MEDITECH releases and platforms include these APIs?

    Any US MEDITECH customer using our certified 2015 edition software can access APIs that provide patients with access to their own data. USCDI-related APIs are available to all customers. Future API development within MEDITECH Greenfield Workspace — including FHIR Scheduling — is available to Expanse customers.

  • What use cases does Greenfield currently support?

    Greenfield currently supports the Common Clinical Data Set for patient-facing applications, FHIR Scheduling, USCDI R4 (augmenting what is currently available with the Common Clinical Data Set), and documentation for Outbound HL7 V2 Interfaces.

  • Can MEDITECH customers request access to Greenfield Workspace or is it only for vendors developing apps?

    Customers who are interested in developing their own apps are welcome to request access to Greenfield Workspace.

  • As a developer, how can I see what APIs are available?

    Our testing environment includes a list of available Common Clinical Data Set APIs and associated documentation. Register now to get started.

  • What API do I use for USCDI data?

    US Core FHIR R4 should be used for USCDI data. This version of the patient access FHIR APIs will conform to the FHIR US Core Implementation Guide and contain the USCDI data elements.

  • Does connecting to Greenfield Workspace enable my application to connect to all healthcare organizations using MEDITECH?

    No, Greenfield Workspace is MEDITECH's developer environment. Upon receiving access to Greenfield Workspace, you'll be given credentials and endpoints that enable you to connect to the Workspace specifically. Greenfield Workspace is not connected to any customer environments, therefore access to Greenfield Workspace doesn't give you access to MEDITECH's customers.

    Each MEDITECH customer will have their own policies for connecting applications to their system. You can expect a process similar to registering for access to Greenfield to be required for each MEDITECH customer. MEDITECH doesn't grant access to specific applications, but rather helps to facilitate a connection between your application and our customers per our customers' request

  • Should developers still use HL7 interfaces when developing API solutions?

    Some integrations and desired workflows will require the use of HL7 v2 interfaces. You can use the Greenfield service desk to discuss your use cases and what HL7 interfaces may help support your solution. The following common HL7 specifications are listed below and the technical specifications can be viewed here:

    • Administered Medications Outbound
    • ADT OUT
    • Assessment Outbound
    • Charges Outbound
    • Home Meds Outbound
    • Immunizations Interface
    • OM Diet Orders
    • OM Orders Outbound
    • Reports Out (PTH)
    • Result Out (LAB)
    • SCH Appt Out
    • Syndromic Surveillance
    • Telephony Bed Status

    This list of HL7 interfaces is not exhaustive and other HL7 interfaces may be available. Customers with questions about an HL7 interface, should contact their MEDITECH Interoperability specialist.

    Vendors or developers with additional questions regarding outbound HL7 interface documentation can reach out to our MEDITECH Greenfield support team.



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