Emanate Health enhances data exchange

Emanate Health enhances data exchange with MEDITECH’s Smart Pump Infusion Integration

Emanate Health (Covina, CA) strengthened their patient safety measures through the implementation of MEDITECH’s Smart Pump Infusion Integration with the Baxter Spectrum IQ infusion system.


Emanate Health recently added to their suite of MEDITECH solutions, implementing MEDITECH’s Smart Pump Infusion Integration with the Baxter Spectrum IQ infusion system.

MEDITECH’s Smart Pump Infusion Integration prioritizes safety and efficiency by enabling users to verify patients, medications, and smart pump devices via barcode scanning. The collected data augments the documentation process, sending accurate and timely information back to Expanse to maintain a vigilant infusion status.

Seamless integration across departments

Emanate Health is comprised of three hospitals and more than 16 primary and specialty care locations, serving more than one million people in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles. The Baxter smart pumps were deployed in their emergency department and all acute nursing units, where nurses report a positive impact on data capture and related processes.

“For our Surgical ICU that receives open heart cases directly from the OR, we found that staff are able to use the back associate routine to import each IV’s start information performed by the anesthesiologist,” said Emanate Health Clinical Informatics Supervisor Helen Wong, RN, BSN. “The nurse can then import all titrations and pauses in 30 minute or other intervals, allowing for more intake data points.”

Optimized infusion management also provides care teams with stronger clinical decision support. The Smart Pump Infusion Integration’s built-in safety features reduce errors and improve the data exchange between device and EHR, securely sending out order data while delivering vital infusion data, such as intake, rate, rate changes, pauses, start and stop time, to Expanse.

“MEDITECH Expanse’s ability to send the provider’s order directly to the Baxter IV Smart Pump removes the need for the nurse to select the IV from the pump’s drug library and the possibility that they select a basic infusion that does not have guard rails,” Wong added.

In tandem with the implementation of the Smart Pump Infusion Integration, Emanate Health added the Expanse Patient Care solution and plans to integrate these tools to further streamline nursing workflows.

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