HCA Healthcare invests in MEDITECH Expanse in New Hampshire

Expanse implementation at three New Hampshire hospitals has begun, with an expected Go-LIVE by the end of 2022.


MEDITECH today announced it will work with HCA Healthcare, one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services, to implement MEDITECH Expanse at its New Hampshire hospital sites, as part of the health system’s digital transformation.

The implementation is in progress with an expected Go-LIVE next year. The three locations — Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, Parkland Medical Center in Derry, and Portsmouth Regional Hospital in Portsmouth — will leverage Expanse to help hospital teams deliver excellent patient care focusing on quality improvement and enhanced delivery. The installation of the MEDITECH Expanse platform is designed to help enable seamless transitions of care as patients and providers move within these HCA Healthcare locations.

”MEDITECH is a longtime partner of HCA Healthcare, and we are excited to continue working together through their next-generation software capabilities designed to better support our hospital teams and continue to improve care,” said Marty Paslick, HCA Healthcare’s chief information officer.

MEDITECH has partnered with HCA Healthcare since 1990. The Expanse project is a collaborative partnership with MEDITECH, HCA Healthcare, and CereCore, a MEDITECH READY-Certified partner, to deliver the next iteration of technology that enhances patient care. Expanse provides intuitive web-based navigation as well as enhanced ability to support mobile technology, a more intuitive and efficient user interface, and better physician and nursing satisfaction.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with HCA Healthcare on this next chapter of their digital transformation,” said MEDITECH President and CEO Michelle O’Connor. “MEDITECH is proud to provide a modern, integrated platform to address today's healthcare challenges and opportunities. We believe Expanse will drive increased physician and nurse efficiencies and higher levels of end user satisfaction while allowing a continued focus on delivering a quality care experience, a hallmark of HCA Healthcare's overall success.”

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