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Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare goes LIVE with MEDITECH Expanse Genomics

Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) is the first organization to deploy Expanse Genomics, MEDITECH’s revolutionary, integrated, end-to-end solution that gives providers access to patients' genetic data at the point of care.


Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (Clinton, Mo.) is now LIVE with Expanse Genomics. MEDITECH’s revolutionary, integrated, end-to-end solution gives providers access to patients' genetic data — and the clinical decision support tools they need to apply it — all at the point of care.

“Having a patient’s full genetic medical history at your fingertips is essential to effectively treating the patient and delivering a more personalized care experience,” said Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare CMIO William Dailey, MD. “Expanse Genomics is an intuitive solution that provides our clinicians with actionable data for each patient when they need it, and it creates a clear path equipped with clinical decision support tools necessary to make informed decisions.”

Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) is the first to deploy Expanse Genomics, opening the organization’s possibilities for delivering precision medicine by allowing them to analyze and parse genetic results into discrete, actionable data, displayed directly in patient charts.  

Providers can order genetic testing directly in Expanse, and the results will be received and stored in a codified format along with full PDF reports within the patient's electronic health record.

“Although we are at the beginning stages of utilizing the genomics module, we are very excited to see the added benefits of pharmacogenomics conflict checking, and the interfacing of the complete PDF directly into the EMR,” stated GVMH Medical Technologist Ann Kraft. “It has been markedly beneficial to view genomics results under the genetics tab and it has made finding results in the EMR seamless.” 

Providers at GVMH can leverage genetic data and pharmacogenomic clinical decision support at the time of ordering. They now have the ability to tailor care plans to individual genetic profiles, which can help patients pay less for more accurate treatments.

GVMH Cancer Center will also be fully utilizing the new genomic solution to manage important genetic variables throughout a patient’s treatment. Expanse Genomics will equip physicians with genetic data about a patient’s predisposition to diseases, their ability to metabolize medications, the characteristics of a tumor, and more, ultimately yielding better patient outcomes.

“One of the goals of Expanse Genomics is to deliver cutting edge precision medicine and care to every setting, whether it be a large academic enterprise or a community organization," said MEDITECH Product Manager, LIS and Genomics, Strategy, Jennifer Ford. "We are so excited to work with GVMH to incorporate discrete germline and somatic genetic data, as well as actionable pharmacogenomic clinical decision support, into their clinical workflows. Leveraging this genetic data to provide more targeted care will help drive a bright future for their community."

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