Farrer Park Hospital

Farrer Park Hospital leverages Expanse as foundation for modernised patient-centred care

A leader in healthcare innovation, Farrer Park Hospital in Singapore recently went live with MEDITECH Expanse, becoming the first hospital in Asia to implement the web-based EMR.


A leader in healthcare innovation, Farrer Park Hospital was established with the vision of being a hospital of the future by combining technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide exceptional patient care and services. As a key part of their digital strategy, the Singapore organisation went live with MEDITECH Expanse. It is the first hospital in Asia to implement Expanse. 

According to Farrer Park Hospital CEO Kelly Yang, the move to Expanse was a natural progression from its previous MEDITECH platform and will serve as the foundation for future innovation.

“Farrer Park is unlike any other model worldwide. Its multi-specialty hospital, specialist medical centre, and five-star hotel are seamlessly integrated,” said Yang. “Technology has played a pivotal role in achieving our holistic vision for providing care, and we look to leverage Expanse for improved efficiencies, reporting, and clinician experience. We will continue to seek new ways to leverage the platform for additional enhancements.” 

Farrer Park’s next EPR project is the personalisation of physician web-based workflows. The organisation has previewed the new functionality to a select group of physician champions who were excited by improved access to important patient information and the ability to personalise their workflow with intuitive widgets, shortcuts, and order sets. 

“Our physicians work in many different hospitals so their time is critical,” said Farrer Park Hospital CIO Chandra Wong. “With the customisation and mobility available in Expanse, our goal is to improve the clinician experience, so it is user-friendly, efficient, and supports the best patient outcomes.” 

Other areas Farrer Park Hospital is looking to leverage Expanse are its built-in reporting capabilities and integration with new smart hospital technologies. 

“It is impressive to see all that Farrer Park has accomplished since it opened seven years ago with a truly unique approach to care delivery,” said MEDITECH International CEO Charlotte Jackson. “We look forward to working together to build on these successes as they move forward in the next phase of their digital roadmap.”  

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