Connecting with Global Healthcare Leaders in South Africa


MEDITECH South Africa is committed to adding value to its partners and clients by creating avenues for thought leadership in areas of shared interest and innovation.

Recently, MEDITECH South Africa had the honor and pleasure of hosting a thought leadership event featuring customer guest speakers Professor Michael Boyer from Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (Camperdown, Australia) and Dr. Jessica Trusler from AMPATH laboratories (Pretoria, South Africa).

Anchored by MEDITECH South Africa’s Corporate Services Executive, Dr. Jacob Poo, Professor Boyer indulged participants on the benefits and values of implementing MEDITECH’s Oncology solution at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, one of the world's foremost cancer hospitals.

Dr. Jessica Trusler followed, and along with fellow team members from AMPATH, shared current and future insights on genomics.

Stakeholders from both public and private healthcare sectors in South Africa attended the one-day event, with representation from across the care continuum including doctors, nurses, clinical managers, and academics. 

Professor Michael Boyer is a medical oncologist and the Chief Clinical Officer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. He is also a Conjoint Professor of Medical Oncology (Thoracic Oncology) at the University of Sydney and Director of the Sydney Catalyst Translational Cancer Research Centre.

Dr. Jessica Trusler is a clinical pathologist at AMPATH laboratories.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, as well as our speakers for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

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