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A game-changing platform: MEDITECH Expanse at North Country Healthcare

With data being collected and utilized over hundreds of miles, North Country Healthcare is showing that innovation can fuel independence.


The organizations that now make up North Country Healthcare know that remaining independent in today’s environment is is an enormous ongoing challenge. With patients spread across a wide swath of northern New Hampshire, leadership decided to band together to stave off the need for larger corporate tertiary ownership. Comprising three critical access facilities across the region (Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, and Weeks Medical Center) as well as North Country Home Health & Hospital Agency, information was congested within five different EMRs, and the organizations knew they needed to take an innovative approach to keep data flowing.

“Collapsing those into a single EMR was a game changer,” shared North Country CIO Darrell Bodnar. “MEDITECH Expanse really allowed us to build a platform, a foundation for our affiliation to come together.”

This consolidated approach allows data across multiple facilities to start telling a fuller patient story, and it helps facilitate best practices and clinical standardization.

“One of the things we're on as a system right now, we've embarked on our high reliability journey,” said Michael D. Peterson, President & CEO at Androscoggin Valley Hospital. “We're literally trying to hardwire the best practices so people do things the same way every time because we've proven with data that it's the best way to do it.”

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