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We are excited to announce MEDITECH Expanse, our next generation web-based EHR.  One EHR, no limits. Welcome to the new vision of healthcare. Expanse is designed to bring care to new places — where will it take you?

During a recent interview at Australia’s HIC Conference, MEDITECH Vice President of Product Development Geoff Smith discusses MEDITECH Expanse and how our new web-based platform can untether doctors from their desktops, giving them the flexibility to care for patients wherever they may be along the continuum. Hear Smith describe how using a modern, clinically sophisticated mobile solution at the point of care can increase efficiency and add value to the patient experience.


Together, MEDITECH Australia and MEDITECH Singapore (SG) strive to be the preferred business partners in delivering effective long term healthcare solutions and services to the Asia Pacific region. The organisations we serve include hospitals, outpatient care centres, doctors’ offices, long term care and behavioural health facilities, and home health organisations.

MEDITECH Australia has provided integrated software solutions to healthcare providers throughout the continent since 2004. MEDITECH Singapore (SG) was incorporated in 2015 to serve healthcare organisations in the South East Asia region.

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