MEDITECH's International Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS)

If you missed our LIMS webinar and would like more information, please contact .

Suggested audience: Pathology personnel and management interested in learning more about MEDITECH’s LIMS capabilities in the UK and Ireland.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll see an overview of how MEDITECH’s LIMS can help organisations automate specimen processing, display result trends, and control quality from the point of requisitioning through final reporting. Roles-based desktops within MEDITECH’s LIMS provide optimised workflows for phlebotomists, technicians, and management. With a wide variety of clinical functionality, our laboratory features enable your Pathology, Microbiology, Transfusion Services, and Histopathology/Cellular Pathology departments to streamline workflows with automation, helping to improve clinical efficiency, patient safety, and operational performance.

We’ll demonstrate a variety of functionality, including:

  • Sample collection management via MEDITECH’s Web Phlebotomy solution
  • Automated and manual result processing
  • Efficient department workflow management (Dynamic Process Screens)
  • Extensive patient, management, and statistical reporting
  • Discussion of upcoming enhancements, including technical and clinical validation

You'll learn how MEDITECH’s Laboratory offers integration and online connectivity that results in a higher level of patient care.