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In an ever-changing digital world, your path to success can take many unexpected twists and turns. Stay focused on your organization’s goals with an EHR that works WITH you and FOR you, no matter what the journey holds. Expanse is the innovative, intelligent EHR platform to guide you every step of the way.

Visit us in booth #1524 at #ViVE2024 to discover how MEDITECH connects the full healthcare ecosystem — including patients, caregivers, and outside health systems — by providing real-time, actionable insight for better decision-making.

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Set the foundation for successful treatment.

With the right tools, it’s easier to step back and see the big picture clearly. Explore how MEDITECH Expanse supports improved provider experiences and patient outcomes through:


The flexibility to remotely review and update patient information.

Efficiency of Care Teams

Get every provider on the same page.

Precision Medicine

Learn how genetic data can help drive targeted care.


Connect with your patients down the street and across the country.

Innovative Care Models

Extend care beyond the hospital walls, from virtual care to hospital-at-home.

AI and Ambient Listening

Let Expanse reduce the burden of manually sifting through and documenting data with intelligent AI capabilities.

MEDITECH Greenfield Workspace

Explore our testing ground for verified app developers to test their integration with Expanse and create a choice of solutions that extend access to clinicians and patients.


Discover an ecosystem of partner organizations with proven, successful, and interoperable solutions.

Exploring tomorrow’s healthcare landscape.

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Back to the Future of Healthcare: Tomorrow’s EHR Landscape

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26 | 3 p.m.
LACC, Show Floor, Venice Beach Stage

Helen Waters, MEDITECH Executive Vice President and COO joins leaders from Oracle and Epic for an inspiring discussion on the future of healthcare and the transformative impact technological advancements are having on the overall patient experience and healthcare delivery.

Care that elevates us all.

Hear from MEDITECH customers on the ViVE stage!

Inside Job: Operating with Lean Staff and Healthy Margins

Monday, February 26 | 2 p.m.
LACC, Show Floor, Sunset Strip Stage

The cost of care in America has left over 600 hospitals with financial instability as well as difficulty in obtaining and retaining skilled workforces. Dan Nash, CIO at Emanate Health, and Priscilla Frasae, CMIO/Hospitalist at Ozarks Healthcare, will join other panelists to share the strategies health systems are exploring for maintaining a healthy operating margin in the post-pandemic landscape. They will discuss challenges such as increased labor costs, lower patient volumes, and rising expenses, with a particular focus on marginalized communities.

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Chief Information Officer

Emanate Health

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Priscilla Frase, MD


Ozarks Healthcare

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Marty Paslick

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

HCA Healthcare

Awakenings: The Perils of AI Success

Monday, February 26 | 4 p.m.
LACC, Show Floor, Hollywood Stage

HCA Healthcare Senior Vice President and CIO Marty Paslick and other healthcare executives will share their thoughts on the challenges of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare landscape. Panelists will discuss the ethical considerations, potential biases, and challenges associated with AI in medical decision-making, as well as the importance of responsible implementation to ensure patient safety and privacy.

Join us for a Tech Talk!

Stop by the Tech Talk stage to hear from MEDITECH Senior Director of Interoperability Market and Product Strategy Mike Cordeiro as he shares how to spend less time talking about data, and more time using it intelligently.

Intelligent Interoperability

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26 | 2:15 p.m. PST

One key quality of a successful healthcare ecosystem is the ability to share and synthesize meaningful data across all care settings. The EHR should function as a data platform for collecting, integrating, managing, analyzing, and presenting data in meaningful and actionable ways. Mike Cordeiro will explain why MEDITECH is invested in open, modern technology and infrastructure, and how we are working to advance interoperability solutions and standards throughout the industry.

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Championing success together.

At MEDITECH, we empower healthcare organizations to expand their vision of what’s possible through partnership and collaboration.

As a proud CHIME member, we appreciate the interactive environment ViVE provides to form meaningful connections and foster innovation. We look forward to engaging with you on the topics you care about, so we can move the industry forward together.